Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blood Donation at Bloodbank@HSA 无偿献血在新加坡卫生科学局血库


My hubby has been a blood donor for the last forty years.  Since year 2014, every 3 months he donates blood. He received a Silver Award for his 50th blood donation in 2015. He just went to give his 55th blood donation at Bloodbank@HSA.

His first blood donation was on 12 October 1978 when the Spyros explosion accident occurred at Jurong Shipyard. He stopped donating for a few years before resuming in 1980s after a medical examination where the doctor found his triglycerides level dangerously high. After several blood donations, a follow up review found his triglycerides level to be normal.

I accompanied my husband on his latest trip to the blood bank. We had a hearty breakfast before going to the blood bank.

The Singapore Bloodbank is very careful when selecting donors. They will do a medical examination of the donor before the procedure. Hubby has to answer some questions and a medical practitioner assessed him to make sure he is fit enough to give blood. The blood donation itself takes about 15 minutes. The whole process usually takes less than an hour.


Hubby has been to Bloodbank@HSA so frequently that the nurses know him well. There are several nurses who are in their 70s (they look so youthful!), they are very friendly and efficient. Regular blood donors themselves, it helps them look youthful.

Nurse Kang gave hubby a local anaesthesia and then needles were poked into him.

Hubby was given a squeeze ball. When the blood was being extracted, he squeezed the ball to increase blood flow, chatted with the nurses and other donors. He looks relaxed. Very soon the process is completed and he could collect the free food that comes with his donation.

At least 120,000 units of blood are needed to meet the transfusion needs of patients in Singapore yearly, which works out to about 400 units of blood a day. Only 1.8% of our residential population are blood donors, we should have more of our residential population contributing blood. We need to ensure an adequate supply of blood to meet our needs.


Hubby has the most rare AB+ bloodtype. The doctor encouraged him to donate plasma and platelets at the Apheresis Suite. But a check with Nurse Yati confirms that he cannot because they only accept donors below the age of 55.

Plasma is used to treat clotting disorders, burn, and shock victims. Plasma donation is especially important to maintaining sufficient supplies for our community, and with regular and frequent plasma donations you’ll be helping hundreds of patients. Almost anyone who is a whole blood donor can donate plasma. You are eligible if you are at least 18 years old, weigh at least 50 kg, age below 50 and are in generally good health. You can donate plasma every 28 days.


Blood platelets are used to treat leukaemia, dengue and cancer patients. One patient needs platelets from 10 or more donors, all within a short period of time. There is a constant need for platelet donors because of the short 5-day lifespan of donated platelets. I had dengue a few years ago and was in semi coma condition. I was a recipient of donated platelets then.

In Singapore, only Bloodbank@HSA has the equipment for plasma and platelet donation. I had a look at the Apheresis Suite. The large room is equipped with comfortable reclining chairs and individual TV sets with movies for donors. A platelet donation takes about 1.5 hours.

One can donate plasma and platelets every 4 weeks while whole blood donations need a 3-month interval for the body to replenish itself.


APH centre's opening time is : Tuesday to Saturday. On Saturdays, it is usually packed. Make a booking before going down if you don’t want to waste time sitting around.

Bloodbank@HSA 新加坡卫生科学局血库
Health Sciences Authority (Opposite Outram Park MRT Station)
11 Outram Road Singapore 169078 Telephone: 6213 0626

我先生每年定期无偿献血,昨天捐了他第55次的无偿献血。一次献血只需约15分钟, 捐献可以再生的血液, 挽救不可重来的生命!

在新加坡卫生科学局血库, 捐血可分捐献血液(whole blood)及通过分离术(apheresis)捐出血小板和血浆。我先生有AB+血型, 医生建议他捐献血小板和血浆。但先生因为年龄超过55而不能捐献血小板和血浆。



  1. My husband also was a blood donor for over 40 years and also got a silver medal from the Belgian Princess Astrid in person ! Now he is too old an they don't want him anymore, otherwise he would have continued ! I think it is very nice to help to save lives !

  2. Your husband is a star ET. That's a wonderful contribution he has and is still making!