Monday, July 04, 2016

Black Thorn (Ochee) Durian @ Penang 槟城“黑刺”榴莲


On the second day of our Penang trip, while having a late lunch, we received news that a Black Thorn (Ochee) durian has been found. Hubby was all excited and couldn't wait to see the coveted branded fruit which was the champion durian in 2013 and 2014 in the Malaysian Agriculture Department's durian competitions. Our good friend Angel offered to drive us there. She called the durian seller and reserved the fruit.

The durian seller immediately knew we were not locals from our accent. He told us that a group of Singaporeans came to his stall unannounced the day before and he didn't have many durians then. (could hear the sharpening of knives.... LOL)

He brought out the durian and weighed it.... 1.92kg. He quoted us 1 kg of Black Thorn durian was RM70 (price was higher than what I read on my Penang food blogger friend's blog). My initial response was "reject" but my hubby had made up his mind on getting his hands on this branded Ochee. He was prepared to be slaughtered. His reason was : we had come all the way to Penang for the durian and he waited two years. OK lor.


Was it a fake? Ochee experts will know. Photo shows the bottom of the durian and a characteristic longkang (drain) running down the middle of the fruit.

Hubby had a photo shoot with the Black Thorn before officially opening it. LOL

The shape of the durian is round and there were 10 pips inside. The durian flesh is orangey, creamy, sweet and has less fibre ... a fine texture. There was not much aroma.

It was an anti-climax for me once I tasted the sweet durian. Taste is subjective because I prefer bitter durians.


Later that night, because we had a mission to accomplish. We contacted a Datuk in Penang to help us find some good Ochee durians. He arranged a durian plantation trip for us the following day.

We went to the mountains where I received a crash course on the variety of good durians and how to select them.... got some mosquito bites too. Hubby got to eat more durians and some takeaways .... very good durians. A fruitful trip. LOL

As for the VIP, he received his Ochee durians plus 3 more excellent varieties.

赢得冠中冠的双料冠军 - 马来西亚槟城爆红的“黑刺”榴槤!

亲身飞到槟城, 终于给我找到, 吃到了传说中的“黑刺”榴莲!

期望越高、失望越大! “黑刺”榴莲形状浑圆, 果肉呈奶油状,几乎不含纤维;色泽带有明亮的橙色。 但是一入口, 味道很甜 (不是会腻口的甜)不带苦, 我兴味索然。我喜欢苦涩的榴莲。

其实要吃好吃美味的榴莲, 未必一定要吃那些名牌榴莲, 好像猫山王、葫芦、红虾、黑刺这些榴莲只是因为曾经得奖而变得卖价高。我吃的一些甘榜榴莲味道不错啊!

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