Sunday, June 05, 2016

Shopping at Bandar Gohtong Jaya 在梧桐再也小镇购物


After checking out from our hotel, we boarded the bus to Singapore. Some women members requested for shopping at Bandar Gohtong Jaya. It is a small town located at the base of Genting Highlands.

The town looks empty and quiet as it was a weekday. Gohtong Jaya comes alive during weekends as visitors stop by to eat and shop enroute to the the highlands.

The ladies headed straight to a shop to buy Bentong ginger and fresh vegetables. LOL .....  Two whole crates of Bentong ginger were snapped up pretty fast.

Hubby and I looked for something worthwhile to buy. There were lots of products processed from durians and Bentong ginger but these did not pique our interest in them.


There were several fruit stalls nearby, I bought some mini pineapples, guavas and roasted sweet potatoes to eat during the bus journey home.

A few members bought durians to eat on-the-spot. The durians looked good but I thought they were too pricey and also doubt they were the real Mao Shan Wang (“Cat Mountain King”) durians.

Anyway, almost every one enjoyed the shopping and returned to the bus with bags of purchases.


Photo taken from the 19 th floor of First World Hotel on the morning before we check out. Going to miss this beautiful sight .....

梧桐再也(Gothong Jaya) 是云顶高原地区的一个华人小镇, 有小商店、餐厅。它位于云顶半山处, 旅客们上云顶高原必须经过这地方。这里也盛产榴莲等水果,


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