Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Eating Places In Genting Highlands 2016 吃在云顶高原2016


It's been ages since my last visit to Genting Highlands. There are some construction projects going on and it's pretty messy to venture outdoors.

This time I stayed two nights in Genting Highland's First World Hotel. As my hubby and I had to take care of some elderly seniors, we couldn't venture far.

The very morning we arrived in Genting Highlands, we went to recce the area for eateries and restaurants. Glad to find some 24-hour eateries, we had a bowl of hot chicken porridge at Halal fastfood chain Marrybrown Chicken at 3 am.

Another 24-hour eatery is RichDad cafe, located right in front of the lobby entrance of First World Hotel.

Our economical breakfast sets of mee siam dry and nasi lemak with teh tarik at Nyonya Colors was pretty tasty. Note : long queue and food portions are small.

Long queues for Restoran Hainan Kitchen's overpriced average food. Decent but expensive food at East Court Restaurant.


An unexpected discovery - outdoors restaurant opposite the mushroom farm bus terminal. Went for lunch and dinner in a day. Reasonable prices and tasty dishes.


Herbal turtle jelly (Guīlínggāo) and herbal drinks at Koong Woh Tong @Maxim's Hotel. After consuming this jelly, the next day I had a good detox. LOL


Sour prune sng bao (ice lolly) bought at a small convenient shop opposite the mushroom farm bus terminal. There were pink Magnum ice creams selling for only RM5, I should have bought one. They also sell fruits and jelly.

Taiwanese porridge sets - a bowl of watery porridge with a plate of 3 small portions of side dishes. Average food, poor service, prices not cheap.

I took a look at the food and drinks sold inside the casino, prices are cheaper but not much variety of food.


凌晨3点 - 在24小时营业的清真快餐连锁店Marrybrown Chicken吃一碗热鸡肉粥。

我们的经济早餐套餐, 干米暹和椰浆饭加上拉茶。在Nyonya Colors

午餐和晚餐在酒店外的煮炒餐厅吃。食物不错, 价格经济又实惠。

在Maxim's Hotel的恭和堂吃龟苓膏。在马来西亚, 恭和堂是老字号的凉茶店。它用20多种药材制造龟苓膏, 是祖传独特秘方,治疗身体燥热非常有效。我晚上吃了,第二天开始排毒!

退房前的早餐, 在一家台湾餐馆吃水汪汪的台湾粥加3种不同配菜(很小份)。 食物平平,服务差,价格也不便宜。

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