Saturday, June 04, 2016

Crispy German Pork Knuckle @ Genting Highlands 脆皮德国炸猪手@云顶高原


We were looking for the mushroom farm in Genting Highlands and was directed to this inconspicuous restaurant near the mushroom farm bus terminal.

Since it was almost lunch time, we decided to have our meal here. The waitress recommended a few dishes but I decided on their crispy German pork knuckle and a plate of char kway teow (fried flat noodle). We were prepared to be "slaughtered" (receive a huge bill).

When the waitress brought the plate of crispy pork knuckle to our table, I was speechless! It was huge! And enough for 6 people! Hubby and I started snapping photos of the dish, oblivious to the stares of taxi drivers and staff of nearby establishments.


Then we "attacked" the pork knuckle .... O.M.G.! The skin was so crispy, the fats melts in the mouth and the meat was flavourful. We couldn't finish the knuckle and requested for it to takeaway. The fried noodle was awesome too, full of crispy lard pieces and wok hei. We ordered a pot of hot chrysanthemum tea. Total damage was RM66, no GST.

There was a small convenient store next to the restaurant, the prices of the local snacks were reasonable so I bought some and also some cut fruits. And what else did I find!? Sour prune sng bao!


The young cashier guessed that we were hotel guests so she suggested we take the free mini bus from the restaurant back to our hotel. Glad to know that the restaurant provides a free shuttle bus service to the hotels in Genting Highlands.

The driver was a pleasant and friendly young man. We took his mobile number and make reservation for dinner that night. We decided there and then to bring our seniors here for dinner.

魅力云顶 - 在海拔2000米的高度, 气候凉爽宜人。我们找到一家不显眼的小餐馆, 一边吃美味可口的午餐, 一边欣赏周围的优美山景。德国炸猪手皮香脆,吃时粘下特制的酱汁,口感更加美味。

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