Friday, June 03, 2016

Explore Genting Highlands 探索云顶高原


We were woken up early by a couple of Malaysian friends who came looking for us at Genting Highlands. We went for breakfast and had a good chat. Due to our commitment to our seniors, we were not able to join them in their activities.

We couldn't use our mobile phones to contact the seniors, so we went back to our room to use the phone. They were not in their rooms to pick up the calls. There was no wifi in the room so we could not contact the rest. Looks like we were cut off from the group.


We went down to Information Counter to sign up for wifi but was told the RM15 we pay for whole day wifi is only limited to usage at the hotel lobby. No wonder I see so many people sitting on the lobby chairs playing with their smart phones .... even at ungodly hours of the morning.

We asked for a map or directory of Genting Highlands but there was none because the place is undergoing major renovations and many of the attractions no longer exist.

We decided to get a SIM card. The staff directed us to a shop at the 2nd level of First World Plaza. We bought wifi access for RM15 for 48 hours.

While at the mall, we did a recce of the area for eateries and restaurants to bring the seniors.


I noted that there were complimentary shuttle buses to the Genting skyway cable car, mushroom farm bus terminal and Chin Swee Caves Temple. I think the seniors will enjoy visiting these. We found the waiting spot for the free bus service after much difficulty. A helpful lady from Penang was in a queue going to the mushroom farm bus terminal, she told us a bus would be available in 5 minutes so we waited with her.

The shuttle bus to the mushroom farm bus terminal arrives every 15 minutes. I guess there should be a mushroom farm there. The bus was air-con and the seats were more comfortable than the ones we arrived in.

Shortly we reached our destination. We asked the bus driver for the location of the mushroom farm and was directed to an inconspicuous restaurant on the opposite side of the bus terminal. What caught my eyes was the scenic view of the highlands!

We had a lovely lunch of crispy pork knuckles and a plate of char kway teow (fried flat noodle).


We returned to our room after lunch and tried calling the seniors again but to no avail. We decided to look for them in the casinos.

After more than an hour of walking the casinos, we found some of them.... tapping away at the jackpot machines. We couldn't get them to abandon the machines or go for meals. We stayed with them for a while but couldn't tolerate the smoking and noise. We told them we would come for them at 6.30 pm for dinner before going back to the mall.


Having two hours to kill before dinner, we explored First World Plaza. For those who do not like casinos, there is Ripley's Believe it or Not located at the second level of the mall and Snow World on the ground level. There is a cinema, food court, KTV and bowling alley as well.


We went to fetch the seniors for dinner punctually, a few members joined us. We ordered some simple dishes and they enjoyed the food. The prices were reasonable. We returned to the hotel after dinner and the seniors disappeared into the casinos again. *sighs*

自由行游览马来西亚最大、最著名的的娱乐中心和避暑圣地. - 云顶高原。


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