Thursday, June 02, 2016

Bus Trip to Kuala Lumpur 北上吉隆坡之旅


Together with several committee members of our clan association, we brought 2 bus loads of members, mainly senior citizens, to attend a Malaysian clan association's anniversary dinner. We left Singapore at 7 am on a Sunday.

Hubby and I took it upon ourselves to take care of seniors above 70 years old. It wasn't an easy feat. Hubby took great care of them, ensuring their safety and well-being.

We stopped for breakfast at Gelang Patah. Hubby queued and paid for the breakfast of the seniors.

On the way to Tangkak for our lunch, the drivers brought us to two tourist places in Yong Peng for shopping. Prices of the items were sharply marked up. I bought some cut fruits for the seniors to munch on the bus instead.


We arrived late in Tangkak for our lunch. Everyone was hungry and eagerly looking forward to the roasted suckling pig. They were not disappointed... most of the dishes served were delicious. The roasted suckling pig was heavenly!

Some of the seniors were happy to be served chilled beer on a hot and humid day. There were regrets later when they had to request for the drivers to stop for toilet breaks more frequently along the highway to KL. *smile*


We arrived early at our destination. Some members had sufficient time to freshen up and have a change of clothes. We occupied 6 tables, we were the largest overseas group at the event.

It was past ten o'clock when dinner ended. We ushered the members up the bus and headed to Genting Highlands where we would stay two nights. The journey up the highlands took us more than an hour due to rain and wet roads.

It was almost midnight when we reached First World Hotel. Everyone had a tiring day and couldn't wait to get to our hotel rooms. Hubby and I helped the seniors to their rooms before retiring to ours.


We took our baths and then had a walking tour of Genting Highlands. We took the escalators and went all the way to Genting Grand Hotel. As we were walking back to our hotel, we decided to take in the cold night air of the highlands. There were hardly any cars on the concrete roads.

Oh boy! At 2 plus in the morning, it was really cold. We breathed in deeply the cold, crisp mountain air, took some pictures and bolted for the warm indoors.

The walk and the coldness made us hungry. We stopped by a 24-hour fast food chain for a piping hot bowl of chicken porridge before going back to our room.

与60位乐龄宗亲们坐两辆大巴北上吉隆坡, 一起参加马国宗亲会馆的周年庆。我和先生自愿照顾70岁以上宗亲们。这真的很不容易!

一路上,我们停两次让大家购物, 并在东甲享用丰盛的烤乳猪午餐。

酒店都是订在云顶高原, 宴会后我们入住全世界客房最多的第一大酒店。那里拥有50万平方英尺的室内主题公园、购物中心、多间餐饮场所、赌场和健身中心。

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  1. So glad you and your husband have the time to take seniors about.
    Here there no true set age for senior. Most of the time it 60 but one place offer senior discount at 55 and a few makes you wait until your 65 coffee is on