Saturday, May 28, 2016

Learning to Make Cinnamon Rolls 学做肉桂卷


I fell in love with cinnamon rolls when the first cinnamon pastry shop opened in Singapore. One of my husband's colleagues was a shareholder. The business folded within two years when the interest died down.

Surprised that there are people who still like this pastry.


At a cooking class, home cook Florence showed us how to make these rolls - she made two batches using different flour - wheat flour and bread flour. The rolls tasted different, I prefer the soft rolls.

It was an easy recipe and Florence gave a few handy tips for baking. She is a passionate cook and very generous in her sharing. Every now and then, she let us feel the texture of her dough as she knead. We even had a hands-on experience of rolling the pastry.  


She taught us a delicious cream cheese frosting to go with the cinnamon rolls and let us taste the cream cheese frosting as she adjusted the taste. For those who doesn't like it too sweet, she made some changes, reducing the sugar and adding lemon juice.

And she did not coat all the cinnamon rolls with the cream cheese as there are some ladies who do not like icing.


The cinnamon rolls taste best when served warm. We were given some to bring home, but I took only one for my family to try .... we are reducing our consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods. hahaha.....  

周日与几个姐妹放松学烘焙, 这个简单易做的肉桂卷配奶油奶酪涂层不是很甜。细心的烹饪指导员教了我们一些烘焙小技巧, 让我们在自家厨房做出香喷喷的糕点。带了一个肉桂卷回家给家人尝试。



  1. It been a while since I made cinnamon rolls. I'm hoping to make crackers.
    Coffee is on

  2. I love cinnamon rolls! But I don't like the cream cheese frosting!