Monday, June 13, 2016

Japanese Onsen and Spa in Bangkok 日本温泉及水疗中心@曼谷


A friend recommended this Japanese onsen. When I saw the pictures she sent me, I decided to go for it though it is not cheap.

Armed with a map, we took the skytrain to Phrom Phong BTS station and walked but it was pretty far. Later I learnt that the onsen has a shuttle service to the skytrain station.

It was a tiring but interesting long walk because we discovered many enterprises along the route. It seems this area has many Japanese and Korean residents. There are many Japanese and Korean restaurants and what a shock to find lots of naughty places here. There were pamphlets and catalogues outside these places so I took a few to show my friends back in Singapore. LOL

It took us more than half an hour to reach the secluded onsen and we were perspiring profusely. Upon entering the premises, we were glad for the cool air and the quiet environment, a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok city.

BKK 19

A receptionist attended to us and explained the various amenities and packages. We decided on a package comprising the use of one-hour of onsen plus a one-hour Thai massage.

We were then led to a inner hall where there are segregated bathing for men and women. I was given disposable thin underwear, sandals and a robe while hubby got sandals and a robe only, that means men must go commando. hahaha....

I have never been to Japan and this is a good reason to experience new things. I was brought into a dressing room by a staff who explained the use of the facilities before giving me a bracelet that opens my numbered closet.

photo credit : Yunomori onsen

I had to take a shower and wash my hair in a communal area before going into the pools. I got to use a sauna, five different pools of water at different temperatures and two spring-fed teak tubs in a courtyard. It was an amazing experience.

There were many foreigners and the ladies from the western countries were not shy to bathe in the nude. Rather the friendly naked ladies make me feel embarrassed, dressed in my disposable underwear, whenever they smiled at me. 

With all the process of paying, undressing and washing we only had about half an hour in the onsen before our massage. I gave myself a thorough scrub and shower before going for a couple's massage at an upper floor. It was excellent as the masseurs were skillful. 

After our massage, we returned to the lounge for some Japanese tea. We were left to ourselves. There were books, magazines, massage chairs and rocking chairs for clients to use. There is a restaurant where we could order food and beverages.

We decided to change and go for a meal somewhere. As we were leaving, the shutter bus driver approached us and asked if we need a ride to the BTS station. We gladly hopped on his tuk-tuk. Ater a relaxing massage and feeling refreshed, we didn't want to get hot and sweaty walking to the BTS station. I gave him a tip which he gladly accepted.     

在充满喧哗的曼谷,这是一个让人放松的地点。温泉馆位于有“小日本”之称的Sukhumvit区,旁边是日式主题商场K-Village。位置对于游客来说有一点难找, 从BTS一路走来也是值得的。

温泉馆内有男女浴场、Spa房、储物柜、洗澡间。 在公共场所, 赤身裸体的人就这么赤裸裸的展现在我眼前, 在开放式洗澡间淋浴。这里也预备了一次性内衣裤,你可以用来遮掩住自己的私密处。我比较害羞,选择穿一次性内裤, 但在赤身裸体的西方人面前, 我感到尴尬。

体验了温泉后,我们夫妇享受了一个情侣按摩。温泉环境很令人放松舒服, 我和老公在这里度过了愉快的休闲时光。

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