Sunday, June 12, 2016

A&W Restaurant @ Bangkok 曼谷A&W速食店


Do you miss these? It's not available in Singapore. Chance upon this long lost favourite when I was in Bangkok for a friend's wedding. It was two hours before a grand feast..., and my hubby simply must have this meal.

Oh well, we miss their root beer float and curly fries. Just love the A&W root beer float! Served in a frosty glass mug with a scoop of vanilla ice cream added to the drink.


The restaurant's mugs are collectors' item ....... some friends saw how several customers covered the mugs with their motorbike helmets and then smuggled them out.

Although there is a A&W restaurant in Johor Bahru, I don't want to waste time queuing to go in and out of JB due to frequent traffic jams at the Causeway.

At this branch in Bangkok, their signature dishes of Coney Dog, Curly Fries, Root Beer Float and Waffle with Ice Cream are still available.


你想念这美式快餐吗?新加坡想再吃也没有了。我在曼谷参加一位朋友的盛大婚宴前2小时, 意外发现曼谷有著名的A&W快餐连锁店 (✪‿✪) 。好久没吃这快餐了, 到现在还念念不忘! 老公看到它, 死都要吃。哈哈。。。。

太想念了!我点了久违的A&W 招牌饮料root beer float (独特的汽水加一勺香草冰淇淋)来喝。当然也要吃我的心头爱 ~ 蛋奶烘饼 (waffle) 。好怀念喔 〜 呵呵 。。。。


  1. I remember A and W the big thing when I was young they had car hops.
    Coffee is on

  2. They are not in Singapore anymore. Many diners miss A&W.