Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Meet 3 of Singapore's F&B Heavyweights 与新加坡饮食业3名重量级人物会面

Tan Kue Kim

On a quiet Monday afternoon, my husband and I met Mr Fong WK of Tong Heng Confectionery (established since 1920, well-known for their traditional Chinese pastries and egg tarts) at Seng Kee the Black Seed Cafe.


We have posted photos of Seng Kee's latest menu offerings on our Facebook and Fong wanted to try their basmati nasi lemak (coconut rice).

We ordered the basmati nasi lemak plus a plate of steamed rice rolls. When the dishes were served, my eyes popped when Fong whipped out his super-wow camera equipment to document the dishes. Actually the customers in the restaurant were in awe too! haha.....


Chef Benny, boss of Seng Kee the Black Seed Cafe walked in while we were having our meal. He sat down, took a group selfie and chatted with us before rushing off to fetch his wife from work.

Kg Glam 2016

Around eight o'clock we decided to go to Kampong Glam to experience the buzz of the Ramadhan street bazaar. Fong also wanted to take a look at Haji Lane. We took a stroll soaking in the ambience of Kampong Glam and snapped many pictures.

We couldn't leave the place without stopping by the best teh tarik (pulled tea) stall for a cup of frothy milk tea. mmm......


We took a cab to Kim's Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee for dinner. My Hainanese brother Mr Tan Kue Kim was delighted to see us and personally cooked his signature dishes of Hokkien prawn noodles and oyster omelette.

He chatted and drank with us whenever the kitchen did not ask for him. He was so generous as to show us the secret ingredients of his special dip for oysters.

A very humble and kind man, brother Tan is always smiling and at 70 years old, he is still so passionate about his business.

今天与新加坡饮食业3名重量级人物们会面吃饭 ~~


东兴饼家 (新加坡传统老字号饼店,蛋挞颇有名气)方老板与

Eighteen Chefs 和 Seng Kee the Black Seed Cafe 的创始人司徒保华老板。