Friday, May 06, 2016

Seng Kee The Black Seed Cafe by Chef Benny 成记@武吉士


Chef Benny Se Teo of Eighteen Chefs opened his new halal cafe, Seng Kee The Black Seed at Bugis Junction. Thanks to a good friend, Fong of Tong Heng Confectionery, we were glad to get an available table for lunch on the second day of its opening. The cafe was soon packed with lunchtime crowd.

It wasn't too long before a long queue formed and the crew worked as fast as they could. Operations Manager Mr Yap and his crew rallied together and managed to rock service. Our food and beverages were served promptly and dirty dishes cleared fast. It really takes a team of people working well together to get my delicious food quickly.

Executive Chairman Andrew Ng who was present, recommended quite a few dishes on their menu. Refreshing Iced Pandan Tea was quickly served followed by a Japanese curry bread bowl, roast duck with wild rockets sandwich and a spicy Hainanese Chicken sandwich with cucumber and garlic chilli sauce.


Before we could finished the bread bowl, more food was served.

Thai green curry beef or Japanese curry (vegetarian) in a bread bowl. Absolutely love the crispy crust and soft white bread! I prefer it with the Thai green curry.

Chee cheong fun can be eaten in many ways, and I have seen the different versions in Johor Bahru but have yet to try them. Now I can have it here, my favourite is with beef rendang.

Cheong Fun Set : 1 Chee cheong fun + 1 Iced Pandan Tea


Toast Set : 1 coffee + 2 63°C eggs + 1 toast

Requested for their crispy kaya (coconut and egg jam) butter toast - kaya a tad too sweet for me but look at that big slab of butter. Yums!


Just say "Give me a bullet" and you will get this :
*bullet - concentrated black coffee without sugar add butter (kopi gu you).


Beautifully done half boiled eggs : 63 degrees celsius. Huge eggs.

Specially asked for hot Teh-si (tea with milk) and Kopi (Coffee), they could be better .....  they were slightly diluted for my taste. Kopi Peng (Iced Coffee) is good.

Special Set Menu :


Signature Set A : 1 Hainanese Chicken Sandwich with cucumber and Hainanese chilli + 1 coffee or tea, gives one free sng pao (ice lolly)


1 Devil's curry or Beef Rendang bread bowl + 1 coffee or tea, gives one free sng pao (ice lolly)

Choice of soursop or sour plum ice lolly. Both are appetizing.... so nostalgic.


The highlight of our visit - Chef Benny dropped in and went round speaking to the diners at each table. He kindly obliged for selfies and group photo taking.

Affordable prices and good food. Can expect to see me here often as my Hainanese clan buildings are nearby.

Bugis Junction #01 - 71/72 Open daily from 7,30am - 10.30pm

价格实惠的美食和饮料, 本地Halal成记咖啡厅

恭喜Chef Benny Se Teo 与 Andrew Ng! 第一家成记咖啡厅在武吉士开幕! 感谢他们和我的好朋友Fong,让我在这里渡过一个难忘的生日。

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