Sunday, May 01, 2016

Happy Labour Day 2016 愉快劳动节2016


This morning brought my Hainanese spouse to support my Teochew fellow clansmen who have a stall selling soya bean drink, grass jelly drink and bean curd at Beo Crescent Food Centre.


At the recommendation of the stall's lady boss Alison, we ordered the prawn noodles and carrot cake.

We were eating, drinking and chatting happily without noticing the time. As breakfast became lunch and stretched until tea time, Alison and her family bought us snacks of turnip cakes, prawn fritters and treated us to an assortment of her beverages.

It was a delightful brunch (stretched to afternoon tea) with my Teochew brothers and sisters.

Glad to see Lee Huat Kee, former boss of Lee Kui (Ah Hoi) Restaurant, he is looking well.

Beo1 (1)

What else is tasty at Beo Crescent Food Centre? I had eaten the minced pork mee pok (noodles) dry which comes with a fiery chilli sauce, century egg pork porridge and toasted garlic bread from three stalls here. We will be back! :D

Happy Labour Day!

今早与我先生去支持潮州宗亲Alison, 品尝潮州美食。Alison一家在Beo Crescent小贩中心售卖豆花, 仙草冻, 还有豆花水, 仙草水饮料等等。她介绍我们吃的美食有虾面, 炒萝卜糕, 还请我们吃炸虾饼, 笋粿和饮料。

了 与我的潮州宗亲们吃早餐, 午餐和茶点。 大家开心吃喝, 聊天6小时。很高兴再次见到李貴(亞蟹)席館前老板李发枝, 他現在看起来精神很好, 希望他身体越来越勇健!。谢谢我们的豆腐西施Alison一家的热情款待。家己人加油!


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