Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Traditional Teochew Sugar Pagoda and Sugar Lion Offerings 潮州传统糖狮糖塔供品


Went to traditional Teochew cake shop Sze Thye to buy some snacks and was ecstatic to find the owner making "sugar pagodas" and "sugar lions". These are traditional Teochew offerings to deities. The owner allowed me to watch him work and take pictures.

Teochew business owners borrow the "sugar lion" from the deity and keep it at home to bring good luck and prosperity. Lion signifies strength, vigour and leadership. Those who borrow the "sugar lion" must return it with an additional "sugar lion" the following year.

The “sugar pagoda” signifies high ranking promotions and high achievements.

The borrower must first pray to the deity to ask for approval before he can borrow the item.

This is a very interesting Teochew cultural event.


These are the moulds for making our traditional "sugar lions" and "sugar pagodas".


I bought my favourite zi che gor, known as book candy (书册糕) in Teochew, and axe cake (斧头饼). My hubby wanted to try the Teochew wife cake (老婆饼).

去传统潮州饼家四泰, 买一些潮州传统糕饼, 恰好遇到老板在制作糖狮糖塔。老板允许我旁观并拍照, 让我欣喜若狂。

老板用糖浆灌注入模型铸成, 供品造型优美。糖狮象征兴旺、发财、添丁、祥和、平安。这是传统的潮州饮食文化。

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