Thursday, April 28, 2016

Prayer Ceremony in a Hainan Village Temple 海南村庙祈祷仪式


I was brought to a neighbouring village to watch a prayer ceremony at a Hainanese temple. It was a small village but it combined with another two villages to celebrate the event. As it was a weekday morning, there were not many worshippers.

The event would last 4 days including two days of Hainanese opera.


At the entrance of the village were banners acknowledging the contributors and donors.


There were three taoist priests performing the prayer rituals and religious rites. It was a terribly hot day, yet the men were dressed in thick ceremonial robes.

As I was going through the photos, I just realised I was the only woman present. Many of the women were busy cooking and taking care of their kids in their homes.

Names of devotees were hand-written on all the talismans. 


Some villagers watching the ceremony from a shady shelter.

Chatting with my nephew's wife, she informed me that the temple celebrations at a town temple would be more interesting as there will be devotees performing fire walking and stepping on knife blades.



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  1. how much i enjoy "traveling" with you in your posts...thank you for inviting all of us along