Sunday, March 13, 2016

Traditional Teochew Opera Appreciation : Nam Hwa Blazes 万紫千红在南华


I spent an enjoyable Sunday afternoon with fellow Teochews at a Teochew opera performance presented by Nam Hwa Opera Limited.

'Nam Hwa Blazes' will be staged every 3 months to preserve and promote Teochew opera to local and international audiences. The next 3 performances are on 12 June, 11 September and 11 December 2016, 3 pm at Aliwal Arts Centre.


I requested to be at the troupe's premises 2 hours earlier today so I could take some shots of the performers when they were putting on their elaborate make-up, costumes and hairdo.

The performers, although rushed for time, kindly let me take photos of them in the dressing room. It was fascinating watching the skilful masters doing the make-up and hairdo.


I adore the elaborate costumes and hair accessories of Teochew opera. I yearn to have a chance to be dressed up in a Teochew opera costume after seeing the lady performers looking so beautiful after their make-up.


Ten minutes before the performance start, I went down to the theatre. Glad to see a strong audience turnout with a few foreign visitors and a Malay family. Volunteers had to keep adding more chairs as people streamed in.


A live Teochew orchestra accompaniment was on hand as the performers present excerpts from several popular Teochew operas. Subtitles in English and Chinese were available on a huge screen next to the stage.


Members from Nam Hwa's classic Teochew singing class performed on stage for the first time.

***************** ooo 000 ooo *****************


今天演出的剧目和演员有 :《穆桂英招亲》(马秀宝、陈玉勇)、《盘夫》(罗兰卿、陆玉娥、张丽群)、《见血书》(许谦和)、小品《新加坡潮州人》(刘忠勇、王汉英)、《观灯》(曾君弼、陈玉勇、黄映瑞、张丽群、陈佩锦、庄雅兰)。





  1. Haven't seen you around lately. There no operas here but slowly we are getting more culture stuff.
    Coffee is on

    1. I went hibernating for a while. haha....

      I think you can find operas in Chinatown. I know some Chinese opera troupes have performed in the US.