Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hainanese Snacks in Qionghai 琼海的杂粮小吃

snack 3

In January, I travelled to Hainan Island on a business trip and managed to find some time to stop by the village to visit my relatives.

I was in Hainan island for more than a week and visited a few cities with several Chinese officials. Qionghai was the birth place of one of the Chinese officials so we stayed for 3 days.

After a heavy dinner one evening, our group was treated to a late snack tasting at a local's snack shop in Jiaji town (嘉积镇的杂粮一条街). The whole street was lined with snack shops selling popular Qionghai food.

Although it was already 11 pm on a weekday night, the street was filled with pedestrians and the eateries were crowded.

snack 2

There were more than 200 dessert items on the menu. The owner was more than happy to serve his snacks to our group, he kept instructing his workers to bring more desserts out. There was little space in my tummy for the desserts but I was polite and tasted a dozen of them.

Besides the popular folk tonic Fevervine Soup 鸡屎藤粑仔 (also known as 'chicken droppings vine soup’) and Qing Bu Liang 清补凉, I tasted many desserts which are not available in Singapore.

Fevervine Soup is known for it's health benefits such as relieving heat, detoxification, dehumidification and enriching the blood. Qing Bu Liang is a cool and refreshing sweet dessert soup. They were delicious, my favourites were the chilled coconut cake and pudding.


The next time I am back in Qionghai, I will allot more time here so as to savour more desserts.

Friends and readers who are travelling to Hainan Island for the 2016 Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference (Tue 22 to Fri 25 Mar) may want to taste these yummy snacks.

嘉积镇的银海杂粮街, 特色海南小吃汇聚一街,方便市民和游客品尝。不能错过琼海的杂粮小吃, 它是保存最地道最美味的海南小吃 。除了我熟悉的清补凉和鸡屎藤粑仔外,还有很多我从来没有品尝过的。琼海的杂粮不胜枚举, 独特发明如山药椰奶、玉米烙、南瓜饼、芋球、高粱粑、黑芝麻糊、地瓜饼、粽叶粑、甜薯甩等, 让我看了垂涎欲滴。下次再去琼海找美食!


  1. i have actually had the coconut pudding cake, which is very good. Durian I have heard of, but never tasted...there are places i can go to get some of these and will look for them - i will try anything at least once

    1. You can try making the coconut pudding cake, it is easy to make and delicious.

      That's great you could get some of these snacks in the US. At least you don't have to travel thousands of kilometres to have a taste. :)

  2. I know my mom would enjoyed your blog with all of these dishes. She would of had a blast of making them, or trying.
    Coffee is on

    1. I am sure she would have fun making and enjoying them. I am missing the food already and am planning to make another trip back. :)

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