Friday, March 11, 2016

Salted Egg Croissants @ Suntec City Mall


We had several fellow Hainanese from Hainan Island visiting Singapore last week. We brought them out for a day of shopping and food.

The first stop was to go to Suntec City's Fountain of Wealth (财富之泉), which generates an excellent energy field, to gain good fortune for the year. Together with my husband,they circled the fountain thrice so as to absorb the aura of wealth from it. *smiles*


We gave them a unique breakfast treat at the basement food court of the mall. They have a taste of western dim sum.

The salted egg croissant craze in Hong Kong and Malaysia has hit our shores. Fresh from the oven, they were deliciously crispy. Although we ordered coconut tarts, baked sweet potatoes, butter sugar buns and kaya toasts, they simply loved the golden lava croissants!

They have an awesome salted egg steam bun (爆漿流沙包) back home in their country but they adore this crispy version in Singapore.

Not too early to have desserts, we ordered each one a bowl of chendol. They love anything with coconut milk in it.


western dim sum for my Chinese guests from Hainan Island


After a hearty breakfast, it was shopping time to burn off the calories. Prices may be expensive in this mall, but my guests happily bought branded luxury goods without batting an eyelid.

We were looking for a restaurant to eat when I spotted Pasar Bella. I suggested lunch here but after a quick tour of the place, my guests wanted something else. So we went to Beach Road for Thai cuisine.

***************** ooo 000 ooo *****************

几位同乡从海南岛来新加坡旅游, 我们夫妇带他们逛街吃饭。顺便当了一天旅客。。。

第一站是新达城广场 ~ 香港首富李嘉诚在新加坡的投资, 里面的财富之泉一定要摸一摸。 当然没忘了教他们时针方向绕喷泉三圈, 默默许愿。 喷泉中散发的“能量”,也许会为他们带来财富哦!

流沙牛角包热潮已经来到新加坡! 就让我的同乡们尝尝西方点心的味道吧。还好合他们的胃口。


  1. Sounds fun ( and an egg in a Croissant is a wonderful thing!

    1. a salted egg yolk filling.... tastes like salted caramel. :)