Thursday, March 24, 2016

Boao Themed Bars and Restaurants 博鳌主题餐酒吧


Boao, once a sleepy sea-side town, has now become a popular tourist destination.

It was a hot sunny afternoon when we arrived at Tanmen old fishing port which is the largest fishing port in Hainan.

博鳌曾经是一个荒凉又落后的渔村小镇,现在已经成为一个热门的旅游目的地。 一个炎热的下午,我们到达潭门老渡口渔港。


There were still some fish and shellfish for sale. One could buy the seafood and ask the restaurants nearby to cook for a nominal fee.

到潭门老渡口, 一些渔民还在卖小海鲜。海鲜价格便宜,可以买去餐厅叫店家煮,给一些加工费。


Discovered this Old House Coffee where we took a rest from the scorching sun and sipped some freshly ground coffee while listening to music.



Along the seaside, we found Sea Story Bar serving beverages and food.

Love the decor of the coffee bar which uses fishing-net as fences and furniture made from the wood of old boats.



Boasting a great sea view, it is an awesome place to dine with the sea breeze blowing and nice music in the background.

坐在海边吹着海风,看着海景,听着音乐吃饭 。。。好浪漫!



It was a pity I didn't have enough time to explore and discover more about Boao. I will come back again on my next trip.

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