Friday, March 25, 2016

Coconut Chicken Steamboat @ Hainan Island 海南原味椰子鸡火锅


When in Hainan, must try this coconut chicken steamboat. I ate this in Haikou on a cold, rainy night. A piping hot and healthy steamboat made a cold night bearable.

First we boiled a big pot of coconut water together with strips of old coconut meat for 3 minutes. Then we put in one Wenchang chicken which had been cut into pieces. We added a few side dishes of crunchy pearl chestnuts, yamaimo (Japanese mountain yam), tofu and vegetables.

The soup became sweeter as it boiled. Despite boiling the Wenchang chicken meat in the coconut water for an hour, it tasted tender and delicious.

Dipped the chicken meat in a tasty concoction of chilli, galanga, chopped garlic, sesame oil and spring onions before eating, simply delicious.

来海南当然要尝试一下有特色的美食店 - 海南原味椰子鸡火锅。

汤底是用3个海南大椰子的椰青。 将必点的海南野生珍珠马蹄和椰肉条倒入汤中大火烧开。再将鸡肉块加入汤中,盖上盖子,大火煮两分钟,关小火煮即可。

第一次吃椰子鸡汤, 汤很鲜甜, 好喝! 特别喜欢这汤水,喝了好几碗呢!鸡肉质嫩油脂少, 好有口感,有弹性、 清淡爽口很鲜甜!健康养颜美食哦。

自己调配吃椰子鸡必备的点蘸佐料 : 将指天椒碎、沙姜碎、葱花放入自制酱油拌匀,最后将小金橘的汁挤到调料碗里。


It was 13℃ in Haikou when I went out for dinner that evening. It had been raining for two days. I enjoyed the chilly weather but disliked the wetness.


Located in Longhua district, there were several large shopping malls in the area and this area gets crowded at night.

在海口当天晚上出去吃饭, 是13℃。 我住在龙华区, 有好几家购物商场, 夜间挤满了购物者, 很热闹。那两天一直下雨。我喜欢寒冷的天气,但不喜欢潮湿。


  1. It could have been a bit warmer ! We still have cold temperatures and on top ... rain !
    Brussels tries to get back to normal, but the airport is very very badly damaged !

  2. It's getting hot and humid in Singapore, hope there will be rain as the haze is back again.

    So shock and sad to hear about the terror attack on Brussels airport. Glad you and your family are safe. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Belgium and the victims of terror.