Saturday, November 07, 2015

Xi-Ma meeting in Singapore 习马会@新加坡


Historic meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou was held in Singapore today.

Security was tight at Shangri-la hotel since Friday, metal detectors and X-ray machines were set up near the hallway leading to the meeting room.


The two leaders met, shook hands and held a brief closed-door meeting followed by dinner. The two sides will split the bill for their dinner and the cost of renting the venue at Shangri-La for their leaders' meeting.


More than 500 reporters from around the world were present at Shangri-la Hotel to cover the event.


Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou brought a handmade porcelain figurine of the Taiwanese blue magpie and his favourite Matsu Laojiu liquor to present to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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习近平及马英九握手后应媒体要求挥手,展现两岸一团和气, 写下历史性的一刻。两岸领导人之后进行50分钟闭门会议。

来自全球的数百名中外媒体记者今早在香格里拉酒店就位,准备采访备受瞩目的 "习马会"。

从周五起, 香格里拉酒店现场安保关卡重重, 酒店内部有大批武装员警负责秩序, 包括在会场入口设立X光机、安检门等。新加坡警方在酒店入口设置拦查点,警员也严格检查进入酒店内的车辆。

马英九以手工瓷器“台湾蓝鹊”作伴手礼 (这款瓷器长31公分、高53公分,重约2.7公斤)。台湾蓝鹊是台湾特有品种,俗称长尾山娘。 他同时带8坛他最爱喝的马祖老酒,让习近平品尝地道台湾味。

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