Friday, November 06, 2015

Aloha Poké : "How may we Poké you?"


Located in the CBD area, Aloha Poké opened just 3 weeks ago. The owners are four young professionals. When I arrived around 1 pm for my lunch appointment, the small eatery was packed with the lunchtime crowd.

"How may we Poké you?" It made me so stunned like vegetable, then I saw the instructions on how to order a Poké (poh-kay). hahaha....

There are three sizes - Lil' Swell ($11.90, one scoop of poke of choice), Standard Nalu ($15.90, two scoops of poke) and Big Kahuna ($19.90, three scoops of poke).


You can choose white rice, brown rice or a mix of both for the base. Then select a serving of Ahi Tuna or salmon. which are available in 3 different flavours - original, wasabi mayo or spicy. You may request a combination of both fish if you order the Standard Nalu bowl.  Don't let the wasabi scare you, it isn't potent.

It was my first taste of Hawaiian food at Aloha Poké. My Standard Nalu bowl of Poké consisted of brown rice as the base, a mix of cubed tuna and salmon doused in seasonings on a bed of colourful vegetables.

For vegans, you can choose tofu instead of fish.

choice of Poké

I choose flying fish roe and almonds as my complimentary add-ons. They ran out of avocado so I had pomegranate instead for my choice of Superfood.

complimentary add-ons

What was served to me was a pretty colourful and delicious meal, healthy too. For drinks, I had Cocoloco - bottled coconut water.


Chef Michael Yonathan kindly sent me small portions of the tuna and salmon in other flavours, and tofu in a nutty sesame sauce to try. The Standard Nalu bowl plus the tastings proved too much for me.

Fresh ingredients and flavourful seasonings, I enjoyed my Poké. Will come back for the Tikki bar.

Aloha Poké
92 Amoy Street Singapore 069911
Mon - Sat   11.30 am to 2.30 pm, 5.30 pm to 11 pm.
Closed on Sunday


  1. wah...nice nice....... i would love to try when i go there

    1. When are you coming to Singapore? Let's get Sharon and meet up for a meal together. :)

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  2. That sounds very good and is a special restaurant !

  3. We have a poké place in Hong Kong too -- and I just went (again) yesterday evening! ;b