Sunday, August 02, 2015

Teochew Cultural and Food Festival 2015 潮州文化美食节


Fellow Teochew Goh Beng Yeow drove to our shop in the city to give us two sets of coupons for the Teochew Cultural and Food Festival (31 July to 2 August 2015) on Thursday. I was only able to visit on Saturday morning.

At the lobby of Chui Huay Lim Club, I was told a Teochew opera performance was commencing at the ballroom on the first level. While walking towards the lift, I met fellow Teochews Kim Yam and his wife Donne. We posed for a picture before taking the lift.


The performance was just beginning when I walked into the room. I was offered a plate of traditional Teochew cakes while I watched the opera.

After an hour, I had a quick look at the exhibits and stalls in the room. I bought a traditional sweet popiah (糖葱薄饼) to munch on. Missed eating this snack .... I could not buy the malt filling when I was in Shantou fearing the candy would melt when I returned to Singapore. Here I can buy a set for 10 coupon dollars to make the snack at home.

I was contemplating buying a bottle of preserved Buddha's Hand when I overheard an elderly lady pleading with the sales staff to allow her to pay in cash for her purchases as she had ran out of coupons. She needed 16 coupon dollars, I gave her my coupon dollars. No cash transactions at this carnival.        

I proceeded to the first level for lunch. As I was walking past the reception, I discovered they were distributing coupons. I approached the staff and she gave me 10 coupon dollars. Yeah!!  

It was not too crowded when I arrived at the food street. I was able to exchange some coupons for braised duck rice and beverages without queuing. There were 25 traditional Teochew cuisines and delicacies to choose from. I decided to find a seat first and then ponder on what to eat next. haha....


I managed to share a table with several friendly Teochew ladies. When I whipped out my camera to take pictures of my food, one of them immediately declared in Teochew her dislike for having her photo taken.

I laughingly assured the group that I was only interested in taking pictures of my food and would not be taking pictures of them. That prompted a friend of the lady to tease her that I was more interested in taking picture of the duck than her.

We all laughed and the ice was broken. We chatted and joked as if we were old friends, they shared their food with me, seeing that I was alone. I savoured some traditional Teochew dishes which I am tasting for the first time. I had some coupons left after this meal. Feeling blessed. hehe....  


While I was enjoying my meal, fellow Teochew Lewis whom I met on my Shantou trip came up to greet me. He was there with his extended family and they remembered me from the trip. Oh my .... It was wonderful seeing these lovely people again.


After my meal, I was looking at the traditional Teochew snacks when another fellow Teochew Alison called out to me. She had many coupons and gave me one set. What good luck! I could purchase more food for my hubby as he had been texting me what dishes were available at this carnival. :D

Alison recommended the olive vegetable fried rice. I negotiated with the uncle manning the stall for a small mixture of fried kway teow, olive vegetable fried rice, prawn and liver sausages in a plate for 5 coupon dollars as I only want to take pictures of the food. He gave me generous amounts of each dish because he reasoned the dish would look pathetic in the photo if he gave me small amounts. He even plated it prettily for my photo shoot. Hebat, uncle!

I had to share my food with a family of four after taking a picture. Glad they helped me to eat the delicious food.

I bought 4 glutinous rice cakes for my hubby and called it a day.

I had a fabulous time at Teochew Cultural and Food Festival, enjoying the food and friendship. Thanks to my fellow Teochews for the coupons. Big THANK YOU to the organisers, sponsors and volunteers.

Teochew Cultural and Food Festival 潮州文化美食节
31 Jul - 2 Aug 2015
Chui Huay Lim Club
190 Keng Lee Road, Singapore 308409

谢谢宗亲们的餐券。我用不同面额的代价票选购多种地道潮州风味小吃与点心,一边吃美食, 一边观赏潮剧、潮曲和潮州习俗展。
巧遇好几位家己人 .... 好开心。



  1. Every body needs to laugh and enjoy good food.
    Coffee is on

  2. Wow! So much food! You must have enjoyed yourself there! :)

  3. LOL....the lady thought you wanted to snap her photo ya.

    Lovely festival leh . So many things to see.

  4. Ohhh... so you're Teochew! Are Teochews the majority ethnic group in Singapore? It sure can feel like it... ;)