Monday, July 27, 2015

Hair For Hope 2015 - SG50


On 26th July (Sunday), my husband and several friends participated in the Hair for Hope 2015 head-shaving event to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer.

A few months ago, when the organiser approached my husband for his support for this cause, he volunteered without hesitation. I am not as brave as him, I have too much worries. :P

It is my husband's first time shaving his head for charity.


We arrived early at a mall in the morning to collect his T-shirt and then patiently queued for his turn to go on stage with hundreds of participants. A few friends turned up to give their support.

We posed for photos before the head shaving.


Once on stage, the group had their heads shaved within minutes. Our friends happily posed for more photos after the head shaving.


These lovely folks could not help showing off their new looks. LOL


Ex-actor Alan Tern and his wife, actress Priscelia Chan were at the event. Alan gladly posed for me. He still looked handsome after the shave. :D


This family participated too. What a sweet moment!

Many of the participants are doing this to raise awareness about the pain that children go through when they have cancer and the help that they need. I am very proud of my husband and our friends.

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