Thursday, June 11, 2015

Masak Masak 2015 @ National Museum of Singapore


Brought my nephews to the National Museum of Singapore on a Sunday to have fun at the annual Children's Season held during the June school holidays.

They had a great time making origami items and playing with the exhibits. There were several large replicas of  country flag erasers. They brought back happy childhood memories for my husband and I. We used to buy these erasers when we were in primary school. :D

Then there is the telephone exhibit which many kids (and a few adults) enjoying playing.  


While the kids were enjoying themselves playing with new-found friends at the playground, we went upstairs to take a look at the memorial exhibition on the life and work of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  

We returned half an hour later to bring the reluctant kids to lunch. :)

We will be back. :)


  1. Did your nephews pesters you and Christopher to bring them anywhere else during the school holiday?

  2. Nice collage of colourful photos

    Have a tanfastic weekend and thanks for waltzing by :-)

  3. i find all your posts interesting, i have not been doing much cause i have been finishing a memoir on my days a the lab,. but now to get it published! The writing and rewriting were the hardest part

  4. What a good idea to take your nephews to the National Museum ! They certainly enjoyed the visit !

  5. Sounds like a great activity. Thanks for sharing the fun and excitement.

  6. Lucky kids, they have a good aunt and uncle. And it looks like you had fun too!

  7. Lunch sounds more interesting to me LOL