Friday, June 27, 2014

Amazing Skies - PhotoHunt


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A few days ago, my husband and I went on a day trip to Johor, Malaysia for an event. We had a late lunch in town before heading to the suburbs.

Driving along the highway to our destination, we were awed by an amazingly beautiful sunset. The sky at sunset took on yellow and orange hues. What an enjoyable ride into the sunset! :)

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Oh my..... I wish we could see such beautiful sunsets as we drive home every evening in Singapore.

Portrait of my young son

Years ago, on a trip to Bangkok with my young son, we chanced upon a studio that offered makeover photography in a shopping mall. Seeing the beautiful Thai costumes worn by the models, my 8-year-old son requested for a photo session.

I was amazed my young son could sit through two hours of putting on make-up, changing into several costumes and posing for the photo shoot. :P

My son selected the portrait above, amongst the numerous photos, to be enlarged. Guests to our home are usually captivated by this portrait of "a little Thai boy".  :D


  1. Love those sunset set pics ECL And the portrait is intriguing :)

  2. That portrait story is fabulous. What a wonderful keepsake.

  3. What a beautiful sunset indeed! Come more often to Johor to see the sunset! Haha!

  4. The portrait of your son is too small! Can enlarge? LOL! Oh so he looks like a Thai boy in the Thai costume? :)