Sunday, June 22, 2014

Giant Bowl Ramen

super ramen

A friend from Penang sent me these photos and challenges me to finish this gigiantic bowl of noodles! This challenge is too crazy for me!

After eating such an enormous bowl of ramen, I might never ever want to eat noodles.  :P

For a limited period only. During World Cup 2014, one gigantic bowl of ramen for 20 people is available per day. Anyone wants to try? :)

The restaurant also serves a ramen-for-two which costs RM35 per bowl. I doubt my hubby and I could finish the ramen, it's too much for both of us. LOL  


  1. I love ramen but I'm not sure that I can eat the giant one. :D

  2. That is a giant bowl, but sure, I'd try it.

  3. would love a bowl of this ...but have to be share ...cant finish