Friday, July 04, 2014

Papers - PhotoHunt

items made from paper

PhotoHunt theme : Sunset /Papers

Ching Ming Festival (Chinese Tomb Sweeping Day) is a day to pay respects to our ancestors. While shopping for Chinese burnt offerings to the deceased, we came across many paper products.

We wanted to place an order for a paper house, a symbolic gift for the deceased. There were a few designs to choose from.

The maker of these paper products is getting old and weak. He sees it as a dying trade as his children and grandchildren are not interested in taking over his business and learning his skill.

paper house

Paper house and dolls that we burnt for my father-in-law


sunset over Kranji Reservoir

A month ago. we spent a day in the north of Singapore for some fresh air and greenery. Sunset in the countryside looks so beautiful.


  1. The makers of those paper products are artists to my mind. Sad that their work is meant to be burnt, so I'm glad you took some photos to remember them by. :)

    1. They are great artists. So sad their skills will be lost once they are gone as they have not been able to train anyone to take over

  2. What a nice paper crafts. My daughters made similar things.

    1. Fun with paper and amazing what you can make with them :)

  3. That is a beautiful sunset... peaceful!
    Happy Hunting ~

  4. That's a pity that this art dies out ! These paper houses and things are so beautiful !