Monday, September 24, 2012

EastCoastLife's Fun Night @ F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - RT

I arrived at F1 Singtel Singapore Grand Prix 2012 around 5 in the evening. The Marina Bay circuit park were teeming with people.

I met up with my friends and we had a short walkabout before heading to our seats. There were loads of fun activities in a carnival setting. We posed for photos, bringing back lots of memories from Singapore Grand Prix. We were so pleased with the gorgeous view of the marina from our Bay Grandstand that we took more photos. :D

We were excited at the race drivers' track parade at 6.30 pm. Many spectators surged forward to take photos of the convoy of antique cars parading the popular F1 racers.

At 8pm, the race was flagged off. I quickly put on my ear plugs. The noise from the race cars was deafening.

Everyone was in high spirits, screaming and waving frantically whenever the cars zoomed by. Many whipped out their camera phones to record the races while seasoned F1 fans brought along their sophisticated DSLRs to shoot photos of their favourite team.

This was the best I could take with my digital camera. The cars were zooming pass like bullets. I could not see my favourite drivers. :( Luckily I could watch most of the circuit action clearly as there were huges screens everywhere.

As there were restrictions on standing up to take photos and that we have to be seated at all times, we decided to catch a closer look of the race, so we made our way down to the circuit park.

Gosh, the smell of burning rubber was extremely strong and the noise was even worse. Fans were trying all ways to get closer to the circuit, just to catch a glimpse of their favourite drivers.

We walked towards the Padang to purchase some refreshments. We were thrilled that there were seats and large screens available so we would not miss any part of the race.

How cool to have dinner under the stars and watch the F1 race! The illuminated office buildings in the background made an awesome backdrop. Going to Singapore F1 race can be fun and economical.

After dinner, we headed to the concert park to watch global superstar Katy Perry. The huge field was packed with enthusiastic fans.

It's amazing to see our landmarks lit up impressively, our Supreme Court and old Parliament House were shining brightly in the background. Such a beauitiful sight.

Scattered throughout the Circuit Park were some spectacular works of arts. I particularly like this illuminated diorama of the solar system in front of our Civilian War Memorial.

Bringing more cheer and fun to the Night Race were overseas visitors who clearly know how to party. Several of them took pains to dress for the occasion.

At the end of the race, there was a spectacular firework display. It's such an awesome feeling having the firework bursting right above me.

With more than 85,000 tickets sold this year, our Singapore Grand Prix is gaining much popularity with F1 fans. Even non-F1 fans are eager to check it out. Our beautiful city views, good security and well-organised events are reasons why they come. Here's to another 5 years! Do visit Singapore F1!

Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull for winning the F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012!


  1. Wow S Vettel took the podium, he is young and promising driver, missing quite a lot of the F1 races lately what about 'Ice Man' any points for him in this race? Aiya why put on ear plugs thought that's defeating the whole purpose of watching F1 live? For Bananaz the smell of racing fuel, burnt tyres and the blast sure to get high sky..haha.

  2. Ice Man, Kimi Räikkönen came in 6th, with a score of 8 points todate. He fought back from 12th on the grid to maintain his 3rd position in the Drivers’ Championship with a battling 6th place in the Singapore Grand Prix.

    The noise from the race cars was so deafening! My 1st time at Singapore F1 in year 2008, I didn't wear any ear plugs and had tempororary deafness for 3 days. :P

    In fact it's true, the smell of racing fuel and the burnt tyres could get one high. It's such a thrilling experience being in the circuit.

  3. Hi! I would like to continue visits with many of my friends from Entrecard. I'll return all visits to my blog. Please leave a quick comment, so I know that you have visited and I'll return the favor.

    Grandma's Goulash

  4. Sounds as though you have a wonderful time. I enjoyed your pictures and story. Next best thing to being there.

    Grandma's Goulash

  5. How exciting! I hope you get a chance to get inside one of those cars and drive the track. :)

  6. Grandma's Goulash,
    haha... yes. I had a wonderful time at the race and looking forward to next year's.

  7. AVCr8teur,
    No chance to even get near the cars. They are such mean, powerful machines.

  8. EastCoastLife, may be we should try and arrange and go together.

    I posted that Lotus too this week.

  9. Every year the F1 race brings new life to the downtown area and excitement builds. It's a good thing they increased the tenure of the F1 race for another 5 years

  10. those lit globes of the solar system really are beautiful! the loud roar of engines would not be very relaxing. :)

  11. Ann,
    Would love that. I want so much to see the round fortress. Glad that you have relatives there, maybe they know the folks living in one of those fortress whom we could speak to and find out more about the building.

  12. jc,
    Staging the Formula One (F1) Grand Prix will bring S$1 billion worth of "additional value-add" for Singapore's economy over a 10-year period.

    Significantly, average Singaporeans, some of them may not even have come to the race are proud of the fact we are hosting something like this in Singapore. It has put us on the world map, and it continues to put us on the world map year after year. :)

  13. TexWisGirl,
    There were quite a number of huge Art works scattered around the circuit park. Besides the fast car, we were admiring the Arts and taking photos of them. :)