Monday, August 08, 2011

USA Poultry Cooking Class @ Seafood International Market & Restaurant - RT/WW

Chef Pung Lu Tin pan-frying turkey breast

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that I won a food hamper (worth S$60) and a pair of complimentary tickets to a cooking class after having an ala carte buffet lunch at Seafood International Market and Restaurant. I attended the cooking class with my son on a weekend afternoon.

Chef Pung cooked 3 dishes using chicken and turkey. All 3 dishes were very easy to prepare, using ingredient easily available from our wet markets. I was glad for the handy cooking tips he gave so that I could improve on my cooking. 

More than 60 people attended the class, mostly middle-aged ladies.  

A very healthy and appetizing Drunken US Chicken Roll.

After the cooking demo, all the participants were treated to a sit-down meal consisting of 2 appetizers, a bowl of delicious and nutritious soup, 2 mains and 3 types of dessert. There was free flow of drinks throughout the session, right from the moment we were seated and our glasses were promptly filled up. I thought that was  good hospitality from the organizers.  

Pan-fried US turkey breast with Tri-sauce

The restaurant's ala carte lunch buffet is available on weekdays and weekends. It is worth a visit. We had more than 14 dishes consisting of two whole fishes, softshell crab, crayfish and braised baby abalone etc on the menu for $25.80++.

Prawn Paste US Chicken Thigh served with stir-fried asparagus and golden mushroom

Find more recipes from different regions of the world that include chicken, turkey and duck here.

Seafood International Market & Restaurant 国际海鲜市场及酒楼
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk A #01-01 Playground @ Big Splash
Singapore 449874

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  1. congrats for winning the hamper and the tickets. you're making me hungry ECL and i could hear those dishes calling out my name.

  2. WAh! So nice, win food hamoper. :) ANd get cooking class too. ^^

    Lovely food. Make me drool lots. ;p

  3. Drunken chicken roll and pan fried turkey sounds yummy! : )

  4. Gosh when I look at all these pictures makes me hungry.

  5. Turkey breast meat, looks great when wrapper as such. Nice blog you have here dude. Will be visiting Singapore very soon.

  6. Wow, you must be a real good cook after attending so many lessons :)

  7. Okay, I'm totally starving now - going to have some breakfast!

  8. What is the penalty for knocking down a cow? coming over from your comment on our fellow Hong kong blogger. I LOL , have you heard, if you were driving in the Muslim East Coast of Malaya, and you knock down a chicken, you don't stop to say sorry and offer compensation. You flee with your life.