Saturday, August 06, 2011

No Painted Faces for EastCoastLife - PH

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I once tried learning Cantonese opera singing, just so I could wear the elaborate costumes and pretty hair accessories. :P

For the first few lessons, I have to learn to gracefully twirl fans and 10-foot silk sleeves. *fun*

I have to learn floor exercises, somersaults and use of stage weapons. *exhausting*

I love the the makeup session though. The thick face paint worn by characters is very elaborate and characteristic. The makeup indicates the personality, the mental state and trustworthiness of the characters. Evil villains wear white make-up, while loyal characters have red colour painted on their faces.

The younger audiences won’t watch Cantonese opera as it’s too long and they don’t understand the language. sigh......

No point learning if nobody is going to watch my performance. *gives up*

We are preparing to celebrate out National Day! A young boy getting his face painted with the Singapore national flag at our National Day carnival.

Happy 46th Birthday Singapore!


  1. Learning the Chinese Opera is such a workout.

    Putting on the makeup also can be quite a workout. All those heavy accessories some more. :)

    Why you give up. I watch you. I watch you. Dun worry! LOL

  2. such a great art!!!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  3. i love the costumes and can't imagine the labor that goes into dressing up a character. i enjoy Chinese movies (thank goodness for subtitles :p) especially the ones with Zhang Ziyi--love the choreography and costumes.:p

  4. It looks like the face painting of the Geishas!Only they were a little more white.

  5. The costumes are amazing, so vibrant.

    Something that may be of interest to some of your readers - is that the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this year is showing Chinese, Korean and many other Eastern acts. The news featured a Chinese Romeo and Juliet musical that looked amazing - it had floating rocks. I'm not sure whether any of these acts will be travelling as at the moment the festival is held as the name implies only in Scotland.

  6. But at least they can watch how you put on the costumes mah. :p

  7. Whoa u tried Chinese opera singing? I just love its sight and sound :) Was it you in the pics??

  8. Lina,
    I have to put in lots of hard work to be a convincing opera singer. :P

    Love the costumes and hair accessories. Maybe I could just dress up for Cosplay. lol

  9. Luna Miranda,
    The costumes are gorgeous. One would sweat a lot under those layers of clothing in our tropical weather. :P

    The costumes in the movies, Banquet and Curse of the Golden Flower are elaborate and stunning, yes?

    Glad you enjoy the Chinese movies.

  10. Gattina,
    Ahhhh yes, the painted face does look familiar to a geisha's.

  11. Kloggers/Polly,
    The Edinburgh Fringe Festival sounds interesting. I am glad they are introducing Eastern art and culture to their residents. Would you be visiting?

  12. Tekkaus,
    When I put on the costumes and make-up, no one can recognise me. lol

  13. do u know the differences between a teochew opera, centonese opera etc etc apart form the language used? there's an annual teochew opera at a residential area in my town and my grandma loves it. and yeah, normally those aunties uncles will watch it only. :p

    happy national day to singapore! we're celebrating this month too. :)

  14. Horsoon,
    My grandmother was a Teochew opera fan, I used to follow her whenever she went for a show. It's a fascinating art and I tried to learn it. I have to put in lots of hard work to get it right.

    In the photo, she is a well-known Hong Kong opera singer who emigrate to Singapore to and started an opera association to teach the art of opera singing.

  15. kyh,
    I am a Teochew and having accompanied my grandmother whenever she watched Teochew opera, I can distinguished the different opera of the various dialect groups.

    I hardly see opera performances on the street these days. It was free. Now that they have to stage it in an auditorium, the costly tickets are deterring audiences from going to watch them. Sad.

  16. Not for me too, but I wish I'd learn to paint faces. :)

  17. The world has been deprived of your talent on stage ECL...enjoyed seeing the painted faces, happy bday Singapore!!

  18. 25 years is indeed very long ago and lots of changes.

    Both my parents had passed on.

    The real change is they have the jungle gym which my son really enjoyed.

    Thanks for visiting after such a long absence.

    I remember the first time I arrived to live in Singapore was around this time in 1990. My friends took us to East Coast bay. I was impressed with the celebration.

  19. it must have been fun to get your face painted. Happy birthday to Singapore.

  20. Wow the costumes and make up are impressive ECL.

    And a happy birthday to Singapore!

  21. Cantonese operas do seem very long. I remember going to one show at the North Point Sunbeam Theatre. I had to leave after 3 hours -- my back was aching so much from sitting still watching the show! :S

  22. I love the painted faces. Great take on the theme.