Friday, July 29, 2011

Together We Stink! - PH

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     I was window shopping with a friend when we notice this queue. Curious, I went forward to see what they were queuing for. 
    The King of fruits - Durians!!

    And they were sold cheaply..... 3 durians for S$10. We didn't buy any as we don't want to smell in an air-conditioned shopping mall. lol

    yummilicious and expensive  Mau Shan Wong” which is translated to “Cat Mountain King” durian

    The regular durian buffets organized by us for members of Mensa Singapore are always well attended. The fruit seem to taste better when durian lovers eat together.  :D



    1. Never miss a durian, even risking being smelly in a shopping mall ;-)

    2. I've never tried one! But they sound yummy, and make a goodly choice for the PH theme :) My PH will be online tomorrow. Have a great weekend ECL :)

    3. LOL

      Yes, a special taste!

      Aloha from Waikiki;

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    4. D13, D24, D101 at 3 for $10 is still cheap. Here the D101 is going at RM8 per kg and the Cat Mountain King yo yo like the stock market. Weekdays offering at RM20 per kg and weekends RM23 per kg.

    5. i love durians but i'm afraid of piling on the high calories.

    6. I've had candied durian, but not the real thing. I haven't even seen on that's open. I've seen fruits but still not open so I don't really know how stinky they are.

      Durian buffet sounds really exciting and adventurous to the palate.

      My together is here

    7. It's an aroma, not a stink! Though I agree that the smell can be too strong in air-conditioned spaces! ;b

    8. I have only read about it on blogs...!! happy weekend, ECL!


    9. You make me hungry! I don't know this fruit! I will look in wikipedia! It looks so yummy!

    10. I'm not a big fan of durian, just a few seeds for me...

    11. I had this Durian flavor ice cream in Singapore. I don't remember the place, a friend living in SG just gave me a treat there. It was so delicious, at least for me. I guess it's an acquired taste because my other friends did not like it. But i did!

      Do you know the place where that ice cream is served? Actually, it's not really ice cream, but something like it. I have a picture of it in my other laptop. I can send it if anyone's interested :)