Monday, August 01, 2011

National Day Carnival 2011 @ Amber NC - RT/WW

Happy 46th Birthday, Singapore!

Last Saturday, I attended a National Day Carnival organised by Amber Neighbourhood Community at The Esta with my family and an overseas visitor. Our National Day is just days away, the neighbourhood is already in celebratory mood with our Singapore flags displaying proudly outside most homes.  

Although it was a humid evening, more than 800 residents turned up for the event. Among them are foreigners working and living in Singapore. Many came dressed in red.    

MP Lim Biow Chuan with grassroots leaders cutting the cake.


My young foreign guest wasted no time getting into the carnival spirit by getting a Singapore flag tattooed on her face and had her arm painted with stars. :)

At S$2 a coupon, a resident could get a plate of fried noodles with 3 snacks, an ice-cream, candy floss and popcorn.
residents queuing for their food

For residents who do not consume meat, there was a choice of vegetarian food. 

The children and adults enjoyed the magic show. There was no lack of volunteers whenever the magician asked for one. :D

The ice-cream vendor was kept busy scooping ice-cream after ice-cream as there was a constant long queue throughout the event.  :) 

Everyone was attracted to the Lucky Draw at the end of the event. There were altogether 12 prizes. First prize is a 16GB iPad 2!  Second prize is a spa voucher worth S$500 and the third prize is a Nintendo DS Lite.

Unfortunately, I didn't win any of them. :(

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  1. What a carnival. Wishing u and all my SG friends a peaceful and prosperous National Day!

  2. All look so good...I just got done eating dinner but that cake sure looks "yummy"

    Coffee is on.

  3. peppylady (Dora),
    The cake was yummy. Wish you were here. :)

  4. The event was jointly organised by Mountbatten Citizens' Consultative Committee and Mountbatten's Neighbourhood Committees.

    Christopher Tan

  5. Must have been a lot of fun ! Can't see the pictures very well on my mini screen of my notebook !

  6. How fun. Now I'm hungry and for ice cream too.

    Happy Birthday Singapore.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  7. Hi added your link to my blog could you pls do the same thanks

    by the way wishing you all the best

  8. That cake looks delicious I hope you got a slice of it.

    Happy 46th Birthday Singapore.....


  9. Looks fun and the ice cream and cake are making me hungry:)

  10. Congratualtions - and what a lovely cake! It is so big!! Someone must have spent a very long time baking and decorating it. How did it taste? It looks as though it may be made of chocolate .. am I right?

  11. Whata great party to celebrate Singapore's 46th birthday. :)

    Happy 46th birthday Singapore!

  12. Gattina,
    It was fun, especially for the kids who enjoyed the magic show, popcorn and ice cream.:D

  13. Thank you Sandee. Will treat you to ice cream when you come to Singapore. :)

  14. Nina (Ask Ms recipe),
    yes, I got a slice of the cake. It was yummy.

  15. Ava,
    hehe.... looks like ice cream and cake win over most guests when served at events like this. :)

  16. Kloggers/Polly,
    There were more than 800 participants who came for the event. It would not be enough if everyone wanted a slice.

    It's a yummy Black Forest cake. I got a slice. :)

  17. Lina,
    This party was a neighbourhood event. Our national day celebration will be on 9th August. Want to come over for the party? :)

  18. I never ever win anything at Lucky Draws before! So everytime there's a lucky draw, I never expect to win any prizes! Boo hoo!