Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Healthy Cooking With Soybean @Rendezvous Hotel's Straits Cafe - RT/WW

Attending cooking courses at People's Association community centres recently have earned me several friends with similar interests. Helen, a faithful and loyal supporter of PA courses helped to get me a place in Chef Alvin Teng's Healthy Cooking with Soybean class held at Straits Cafe @ Rendezvous Hotel on a Saturday afternoon.    

It was attended by 20 participants who paid S$40 each. It was supposed to be a hands-on session followed by a Hi-tea buffet but in order to have more time for our makan (eating) session, we bullied the kind Chef to just demonstrate the recipes and pack our dishes for takeaway. :P

Chef Alvin showed us how to make healthy steam soybean cakes at home. They were later deep-fried and topped with crispy egg. Finally I learn the secret to making kick-ass crispy egg! Hooray!! *dances*

Conveniently packed soybean powder which is tasty and nutritious as a morning beverage or to be used in our daily home cooking. Offered at a good discount, I bought 2 boxes.

Chef Alvin Teng with his healthy Rendang Chicken. He substituted the rich coconut milk with soybean milk. Surprisingly good!  yum yum..... His chilli paste is out-of-this-world! Very fragrant and delicious!

The kind chef packed the dishes he cooked for every one. My hubby enjoyed the dishes so much he forgot to leave some for our son. haha.....  

After the demo, we charged straight for the Hi-tea buffet! There was so much to eat. Usual price S$38++. We not only enjoyed the buffet but attended a cooking class that came with lots of healthy tips. I'm so glad I have 'connection' to attend this class. heh heh...

Freshly made roti prata for Hi-tea

Dark and white chocolate fondues plus sinful desserts, but the cafe make sure there were plenty of lots of fresh fruits too. 

It seems every diner is targeting the cafe's famous Durian Fudge Cake. I managed to get a tiny slice as it was gone the moment it was replenished. It was good. Next time I will stand next to the dessert counter to wait for it to be brought out. :D

Always a long queue at this tea stall. The pulled tea (teh tarik) is awesome.

Chef Alvin Teng and my cooking course friends

Straits Cafe
9 Bras Basah Road Singapore 189559

After learning how to cook these delicious dishes, it's time to cook them for my family and friends :

On National Day (8th August), home-cooked dishes by EastCoastLife and unlimited rounds of mahjong! Bring your appetite and cheque book. hahaha.......

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  1. Wow wow wow
    Don't care about all those soybeans.

    I want the durian fudge cake! ^^

  2. Lina,
    hahaha..... the durian fudge cake is like a magnet, attracting all the diners to it. Now the power of this cake has attracted Lina, all the way from KL! :P

  3. I want the chicken rendang and durian fudge cake!!! Yum!!

  4. Wah!! The durian fudge cake makes my mouth water.

  5. Apart from the durian fudge cake....everything else looks too healthy for me. :p I cannot take soy. Haha :D

  6. Wow they all look so good! Been learning cooking these type of food for my Indonesian hubby. Sometimes it's good, often it's not haha Gotta find a recipe for Rendang Chicken :)

    The Twerp and I

  7. Did you get to eat there and get packed food to go? Your hubby is lucky to get to try the food. Are you going to make more yourself? :D

  8. wow, the rendang chicken looks sinfully delicious. i've taken my dinner but you're making me hungry again.