Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learn Cake Baking - RT/WW

These simple ingredients turned into delicious cakes...

Several overseas friends sent their children to me during their school vacation. Besides bringing them sightseeing, I have to organize activities to keep them occupied.

listening to the teachers' instructions

One of the activities is cake baking. I brought them to Jaymes' first baking school and let the children have fun baking cakes.

Learning how to glaze a cake....

It was their first time learning to bake a cake. The ingredients were simple and the steps were easy. The teachers showed them how to bake Peach Cheese Cake, Banana Cake and Black Forest Cake.

Putting the finishing touches to our Black Forest Cake....

There was a Swiss gentleman who came to holiday in Singapore for 12 days. He took up a 5-day baking course. He learned to make doughnuts that day and shared them with my children.

The doughnuts were very delicious, the children finished every one of them! And the Swiss man only learned to bake them for 3 hours! He can open a doughnut shop in Switzerland. :)

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  1. Ecl
    Besides the baking of peach cheese cakes, banana cakes and the black forest cakes, does the school also teach students how to make moon cakes?

  2. Nice of you being host to children from overseas and thinking of nice activities for them. Not an easy job but I am sure you have done a good job ;)

    Especially for the girls, they will like baking.

  3. I love baking but I haven't tried making black forest cake or doughnuts! Those donuts from the Swiss newbie baker look yummy, he certainly did a great job.

  4. I should take up baking class too. Cannot bake although old already. LOL

  5. Just checking, is this course suitable for people who just know how to play with ingredients, but not how to use the oven? Would the students get to bake during the class?

  6. baking is not something i try to do - i might need to take a baking course because i know ratios of ingredients are important!
    3 hours to do those donuts? Either the teacher or the student or bath are very talented.

  7. Oh those look delicious. That's what I should be doing, taking baking classes. I always burn everything :D

  8. Hi Gran,
    Yes, yummy! Wish I could send you some to try.

  9. stanley,
    Yes, the school teaches all types of dishes, cakes and pastries.

    My son started learning baking bread at this school when he was aged 14 and obtained his Diploma in Baking within one month.

    The recipes are authentic as the principal of the school doesn't keep secrets and her methods are easy to follow and the products taste good enough to start a business.

  10. Michael,
    Yes, it was tough and tiring to host the children. They are so active and as I'm getting old, it is not easy to keep up with them.

    Not only the girls, more boys like baking too. :)

  11. Vera,
    I was put off by how complicated a Black Forest Cake looks, but actually it is so easy to bake one.

    The doughnuts are even easier to make that kids can do it.

  12. Lina,
    You should take up baking. Start with something simple.... like a butter cake. :)

    Nobody is too old to learn.

  13. oceanskies,
    People completely new to the art of baking can come for the classes. Even kids as young as ten can do it. The teachers are patient and they will answer all your questions, no secrets.

    There are demonstration classes where the teacher show you how to bake or cook 2/3 dishes.

    There are classes where it is hands-on, but the fees will be slightly higher. Don't worry, reasonable fees.

  14. Whitemist,
    Baking is not difficult. It is relaxing and enjoyable.

    The methods thought by the teacher are easy to follow. My son who was 14 when he learned baking in this school, baked bread which tasted like those bought from the pastry shops on his first day!

    After a month of learning, he was able to churn out different batches of bread at a bakery. I find it amazing and unbelievable at first.

  15. Poetic Shutterbug,
    :).... it doesn't take much effort and time to bake a cake or your favourite bread if you have a good teacher and recipe.

  16. Hi Indrani!
    Long time no see! Glad to see you again! :)

  17. Half the fun of baking is the decorating, (the other half is eating:)

  18. Life Ramblings,
    You can learn how to bake. Once you can do it, it is going to be fun.

  19. Sukhmandir Kaur,
    I agree on the eating part too. :D

  20. I prefer to come when the cakes are baked, just to check if they are good !

  21. look so nice! wow...it's good to bake things ourselves, enjoy the process!

  22. Agree, it's important to occupy the kids with something they like: Here the result - and they will as well learn something.

    Excellent WW

  23. Okay, now I'm hungry for cake. Lots yummy.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  24. what a productive summer for the kids, thanks to you.

  25. Baking is so much fun and a valuable skill, but it's hard to resist not eating!

  26. erm...may i know where to learn?

  27. Address and person to contact :

    BLK 1 ROCHOR ROAD #03-502
    SINGAPORE 180001
    TEL: 6294 6018 FAX: 6295 2383

    Miss Bong
    Email: bonghh@jialei.com