Thursday, September 23, 2010

Singapore Grand Prix 2010 - WW

2 Grandstand tickets to Singapore Grand Prix 2010 up for grabs!

The Formula One teams are arriving at the Marina Bay Street Circuit for the this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix. I'm looking forward to meeting Lewis Hamilton, who won the 2009's Singapore Grand Prix for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes.

And there's Michael Schumacher, the seven-time world champion who retired at the end of 2006. He has returned to Formula One this year.

Lady Luck is smiling on my husband. He won 2 Grandstand tickets to Singapore Grand Prix 2010 this Saturday, courtesy of DBS Bank. We are not using the extra tickets so we are giving them away.

Besides the cool racers, watch out for the many international entertainers who will be in town. Mariah Carey will be performing on Sunday (26th September), 10.30 pm at the Grand Prix Padang Stage.

My girlfriends and I are more interested in them :

The  Chippendales (USA)!

The guys can watch their fast cars and grid girls, we ladies are going to ogle at these men dancing in uniform, oozing lots of sex appeal :P

We have been taking extra good care of our vocal cords, soothing them with honey daily until we watch the performance. We are going to scream our lungs out!!

The Chippendales perform in over 25 countries, 800 cities and for more than 2,000,000 women each year. *screams* ......*screams* ......

Click Entertainment for more performances at Singapore Grand Prix 2010.

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  1. Would love to see the international entertainers, especially Mariah Carey who is one of my favourite singers.

  2. I almost think of going Singapore to watch Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert perform but decided against it. Cos Mariah is pregnant and I can watch Adam Lambert in KL : )

  3. wahh so nice..u're going to ogle at these men huh..woot!! have fun ECL! ;)

  4. Wah! So syiok. COngrats to your hubby on the win. You guys have fun there!

  5. stanley,
    It's a rare chance to catch them in Singapore. I'm not a fan of Mariah Carey but would like to catch her performance anyway.

  6. foongpc,
    Pregnant can affect her singing meh? :P
    If you come, then we can meet up for dinks or makan.

  7. Jama,
    SURE!! The more ladies, the louder the screams.... eh, merrier!

  8. Lina,
    Which one syiok...., the Chippendales, right? haha....

  9. Lucky husband if yours, and it's generous of both of you to give them away.

    Have fun screaming your lungs out at The Chippendales (USA). Gosh, maybe the screaming would be louder the the sounds from the F1 cars?

  10. I can imagine you at the Chippendalews show, ECL!

  11. Yes, enjoy those fine, muscled men! lol! Entertainment at its finest! ;)

    For me a chance to see Mariah (I love her!) AND the Chippendale's would be a treat indeed! ;)

  12. Wow, The Chippendales!!!!
    Must be keeping your adrenaline rushing like the F1 races ;)

  13. It would have been really funny if your husband won the Chippendales tickets instead. Just the thought of it is reeling me into strings of laughter!

  14. i can understand why you ladies are more interested in the chippendales. those are some handsome hotties.

  15. Chippendales? Never knew about them til tonight!