Saturday, January 24, 2009

Opening Ceremony of River HongBao@ Floating Platform

I met Wilfrid, the secretary of Association of Bloggers (Singapore), to brief him on our assignment tonight. We arrived at the Floating Platform and went to collect our media passes. Both of us couldn't help taking a photo of this significant moment.

We standby at the entrance arch to welcome Guest-of-Honour Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Mr Wong Kan Seng. I was surprised to see Acting Minister for Manpower Mr Gan Kim Yong in the VIP group. Prominent businessmen, Mr Wee Cho Yaw (UOB Chairman) and Mr Chua Tian Poh (Chairman & CEO Ho Bee Group) were also present.

Guest-of-Honour DPM and Minister for Home Affairs Mr Wong Kan Seng and VIPs fired firecrackers declaring opening of River HongBao 2009. Many leaders came with their families to visit River HongBao 2009.

watching firecrackers from a safe distance

Performers from Hubei Art College and Nanjing Acrobatic Troupe put up acrobatic performances and an amazing ballet. They were so good, I applause until my hands ached. The girls are very good looking. You must come watch them perform.

We followed the VIPs to tour River HongBao. Wilfrid had to run ahead of the VIPs and jostle with photographers from the mainstream media for photos. This is really fun for both of us.

We were treated to a sumptious array of dimsum after the event. We had a chance to chat and take photos with the friendly VIPs. What a night!


  1. Hi, just sent the photos over to you. Enjoy and pick the ones you want!

    Lovely event. Very rewarding experience. The running and dashing was sort of hectic but well worth it.

  2. It seems like you and Wilfrid have had a fulfilling experience doing a coverage of the event.

    Looks like quite a crowd waiting to see the God of Fortune statue!

  3. I envy you this possibility, it really looks excitings...and the dim sum!! My favorite!

  4. This sounds really exciting. And delicious!

  5. Wilfrid,
    haha.... I was waiting for the photos until I fell asleep....

    Thank you. Very beautiful. Now trying to put them up.

  6. oceanskies,
    Yes, Wilfrid and I were running round the whole River Hongbao covering the event.

    Wilfrid was sweating profusing lugging his camera equipment along. We took more than 800 shots!! He went through the photos until 3 plus this morning.

    This is such a memorable occasion for both of us. :)

  7. Diane CA,
    Yes, it's the opportunity of a lifetime for a nobody blogger.

    The dimsum from this caterer are special and unique. The chef won many awards for her creations.

    I have fun.

  8. Gran,
    Yes, it was exciting and interesting for me. Meeting all the people behind the scenes and understanding more of what goes on behind it. Eye-opener.

  9. it's fantastic that bloggers in Singapore are already recognized as legitimate members of the broadcast media =] kudos to your team for this achievement =]

    and may this be a symbol of the best that is to come in the new year =]

    happy new year!

  10. WOW ECL, this is all so cool. Glad to hear the VIPs were friendly! :)

  11. Speaking of dim sum, I am craving for some now after seeing ur post. I used to have the best dim sum in Bangsar, but the place closed down oredi, still searching for the best ones. ;)

  12. Also wanna thank you for voting for Mariuca YAY! Thanks so much and enjoy ur holiday okay? Love and hugs! :):):)

  13. sounds like an awesome opportunity and great night! :) its always nice to attend events like these.

  14. Wow! Rubbing shoulders with VIPs and delicious dim sum! Must be a fantastic night! Have a Happy & Prosperous CNY! : )

  15. I wish you a Happy 牛 year!


  16. solar eclipse this monday! looking forward to it..happy sunday!


  17. Waiting for Wilfrid's photos. Honestly, he is good enough to be a professional photographer. :)

  18. ian,
    Thank you.
    More good news in the New Year!!
    Have a great year of the OX!

  19. Mariuca,
    Yes, the VIPs were friendly and willingly pose for photos. :)

  20. Poor Mariuca,
    Craving for good dimsum. Hope you can find the best dimsum in Bangsar.

    Any one from Malaysia who can help? :)

  21. Mariuca,
    You're welcome.
    Good luck in the contest.

  22. ehon!
    My dear boy!
    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Working or still studying?

  23. the Dong,
    Very well taken eh. That's from my buddy Wilfrid.

  24. foongpc,
    The VIPs are rubbing shoulders with me. hahaha.....

    Just a happy event and everyone got together to celebrate. Everyone's friendly to one another.

  25. Renny!
    Have a great year of the OX!

  26. oceanskies,
    His photos are stunning, right?
    He took 800+ photos and spent the whole night going through them.

    He sent some over and they looked so awesome! I have to put some up when I have time.... also need to send them to the VIPs. :)

  27. What a colourful set of pictures. Good pic of you.

  28. Looks like a great time and your photographs are so colorful and well done. I also like your photographs from the floating platform in the prior post.

  29. Congratulations! It looks like the Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is doing very well. And so many V.I.P.s!

    Acrobatic performances can be so much fun to watch.

  30. Looked like a fun event and top it off with dim sum! Happy Lunar New Year!

  31. ECL,

    I was there but didn't bumped into you. You were busy running around I guess... :) It was really nice..will post about it soon.

    Hubby and I were busy with packing up some of our stuff for our move- I'll just look at your photos on the CNY countdown.

    Have a good week and Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family!

  32. Captain Picard,
    Thank you. I think the photo was well taken too. :)
    One of the happy moments in my life. No regrets.

  33. Thank you Carver,
    Considering the camera was giving me much problems. I got myself a new camera the next day. :)

  34. Hi Awake,
    Long time no see!

    We are ironing out some problems in Association of Bloggers (Singapore). Advice and help is coming in, thanks to all of them.

  35. Thank you, AVCr8teur.
    It was great fun! The dimsum was a nice reward. haha....

  36. Jade,
    Ohhhh. Yes, I was running around. I'm all over. I did manage to meet some friends and two bloggers.

    Moving after CNY? Invite me for your house warming. :)

  37. That's a wonderful opportunity and great experience.