Friday, January 23, 2009

River Hongbao 2009 @ Floating Platform

I was invited to the Press Conference of River Hongbao 2009 chaired by MP Sam Tan and MP Baey Yam Keng of Tanjong Pagar GRC. I was very excited because this is a milestone for a blogger.

Association of Bloggers (Singapore) is now a legal entity. As an ABS member, I was accepted as part of the media. It was so cool to sit next to journalists from the mainstream media. Wow!

EastCoastLife feedback to MP Sam Tan and Andrew on some problems

For the first time, River Hongbao 2009 celebrations will be held at the floating platform at Marina Bay.

The event will start on Jan 24 and end on Feb 1, with a grand Lo Hei (Prosperity) dinner. There was an overwhelming response to the dinner. A total of 215 tables (S$380 per table) were sold!

Minister Lim Swee Say (Minister, Prime Minister's Office) will lead the 2,000+ participants in the mass Lo Hei to celebrate the 7th day of the Lunar New Year, commonly known as the Human Day, or the common birthday for humans in Chinese tradition.

There is nightly firecracker display so visitors can feel the lively atmosphere of Chinese New Year. There will be 36 strands of 200 firecrackers each. Firecrackers are banned in Singapore but the police does allow setting off firecrackers on a case-by-case basis. Other highlights include a series of interesting and exciting nightly performances by foreign and local artists.

A God of Fortune statue, which faces the floating platform, will rain golden confetti and single digits hourly from 7pm nightly. Collect 4 digits and you might strike lottery when you buy 4D. haha.... gong xi fa cai!! I was told a man won 2nd prize last year.

At the Food Street, you can savour an array of local and Asian cuisines. There are 48 stalls.

On Chinese New Year Eve, there will be a Countdown to usher in the year of the Ox. It will end at 12.30 am. River Hongbao 2009 opens from 6pm to 12 midnight every day.

Admission is free. All are welcome to enjoy the festivities on the Marina Bay. Bring your family and friends!!

River Hongbao 2009
Marina Bay Floating Platform


  1. This is the first time the event is held on the floating platform. I wonder how it would be. But it looks interesting to be even nearer the water.

    I only wish it wasn't too crowded if I visit it in the day time.

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  3. Sure nice to look at those lanterns. :-)

    And sure nice for ECL and other ABS to be accepted as part of media too.

    Happy CNY to you and family! Hope you'll have a prosperous year ahead.

  4. ECL, what a cool experience ECL to sit next to the journalist!

    Will definitely check it out this weekend! I can't wait;)

  5. It looks like it would be fun...too bad I live on the other side of the world. Have a wonderful time!

  6. it's getting more exciting as the chinese new year approaches.

  7. oceanskies,
    This is the first time River Hongbao is held on the world's largest Floating Platform.

    I had a tour round the place and a preview of the performances yesterday night. Exciting programmes line up and beautiful scenery!

    It would be awesome to take pictures with the beautiful lanterns and the beautiful city skyline as backdrop. Go in the night better.

    I would probably be there every night for the 9 nights. Text me if you are there. :)

  8. Thank you so much lina, for your support.

    It is truly exciting to be recognised and accepted as a part of the mainstream media, and yet keep our voice.

    Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese!

  9. Jade,
    Go! Go! Go! I'll be there almost every night, so hope to catch you or you can try to locate me. haha....

    Dressed up, because it is very beautiful to have your photos taken here.

    If you write a post about River Hongbao, I'll link you. :)

  10. Gran,
    Yes, it is fun and an exciting place to visit during our Chinese New Year!

  11. JyLnC,
    You will read about this event and see the photos I upload. :)

  12. the dong,
    Oh, yes it is.

    I feel that it is not as joyous as the past years, but it is still Chinese New Year and we should celebrate it.

    Looking at the CNY decor makes me cheerful. :)

  13. ECL, looks like u are really going places, good for u sweetie!

    It all looks so festive, am sure it will be a great event. :):):)

  14. Happy CNY to you, Jaymes and the rest of your family. I'm sure there will be lots to tell later! :)

  15. Wow, you are going every night! Thanks for your kind offer. I shall take note. Fabulous! You have learnt to use sms!

    I wonder whether I can sneak in today even though I know that the event will only start offically on 24 Jan 09. I will do a lot of things just to be away from crowds. :P

    Yes, I believe you that the lights will make the event much more beautiful at night.

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  17. Wah! You are even rubbing shoulders with politicians and all the movers and shakers. Not bad.

  18. ECL, are you really happy with your life now? i hope you are..

  19. Hi

    Your blog has been given an Award ! Do drop by here and check it out !

    Thank you for your support !


  20. u must b on cloud 9, ECL! thanks for the write-up on this event.

  21. Happy CNY ecl! May u hv a prosperous moomoo yr ahead! :)

  22. Wow ... sure look very colorful! May the year of Ox brings us a bullish market! :)

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  24. Have a happy and prosperous CNY! May you have abundance of health, wealth and happiness all year round!

    Btw, do read about the warning regarding the solar eclipse this year at my blog here : )

  25. Congratulations!! You do so much for blogging to be recognized as a serious journalistic style!! Proud of you!!! And the conference looks amazing! Kung Hei Fat Choy

  26. Hayy CNY! Just curious, what issues did you discuss with MP Sam? :)

  27. Very very nice float!
    Too bad I can't snap some photo there, sigh

  28. Okay let's see if we can spot each other ;) Ohh this is so exciting. I will witness another "first" in Singapore.

    I will be definitely writing about this at my expat blog.

    Have a good weekend and hope to see yoU!

  29. Mariuca,
    I'll be bringing in more events for bloggers to cover.

    Happy Chinese New Year Mariuca!!

  30. oceanskies,
    Yes, I have bloggers from overseas who will be here in Singapore for the festive season so it will be good if I am there to meet them and guide them round the place.

    You will be like the displays and the beautiful scenery. Maybe come after midnight when the crowds have left. :)

  31. Thanks Jinghui.
    I hope to see you at River Hongbao to take some photos. My camera is a simple one and is not good enough to take the beautiful night scenery of the harbour.

    Try to locate me. K?

  32. Life Ramblings,
    Yes, I am on cloud 9. hehe....
    I'm looking forward to meeting overseas bloggers who are here in Singapore and of course seeing Singapore bloggers writing about this event.

  33. kyh,
    Thank you!
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  34. Wilfrid,
    Yes, the view is simply magnificent at night with the lights. You will see for yourself tonight.

    Ready for the action, buddy? :)

  35. foongpc
    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Good health and great wealth in the year of the OX!

  36. Diane CA,
    Thanks so much for your encouragement.
    It is indeed a great step forward.

    Happy Chinese New Year! Hope there are Chinese who celebrate Chinese New Year in Norway. :)

  37. CK,
    Safety issues.

    I was asking them on the amount of weight the Floating Platform can support. Nobody wants an accident.

    Plus safety issues on dispersing the crowds. :)

    Nothing exciting huh.

  38. yenjai,
    It is a unique float. Out on the float, you see waters around you. Very stable, one does not feel the rocking sensation of a ship. haha....

    Come down for a day trip with your family?

  39. Jade,
    haha.... spot ECL test.

    Hope to see you. There are lots of activities, enjoy. :)

  40. WOW, that certainly seems like a lot of fun and activities at the floating platform. It is so near to CNY already; after Sunday and it is already the first day of CNY. It has been a long time since I joined such an event. There was one year when I went to the Chinatown and the whole place was so jammed that in the end when we were going home, we had to walk from Chinatown all the way to somewhere near Plaza Sing before we could hail a cab. Horrifying experience to me. :)

  41. What an exciting event of the coming celebration. Congrats to you and ABS as being an invited guest. Wah! ecl going every night to catch some digits from God of fortune? ha.ha.. Kong Hee Fatt Chai to you and family.

  42. This event sounds exciting, and there are a lot to look forward to.

    Btw, sorry but I didn't receive the email you sent for sponsorship. I made a mail search 'eastcoastlife' in my inbox, spam, and trash but didn't see any. It might have bounced back.

    But I can still add your sponsorship if you're still interested *wink*. Pls leave a comment in my post so I can still add you. My contest will officially starts on Sunday, Jan. 25th 12:00am est. THANKS!

  43. BK,
    Walk from Chinatown to Plaza Sing!? That is a memorable experience!

    Times passes so fast.

    I did not have time to do much for CNY this year due to my increased workload. :P

    Do come down to River Hongbao. Take some lovely photos and display them on your blog. :)

  44. sweet jasmine,
    haha.... how you know my intention!? I'll be catching as many digits as I can and first few bloggers could get an angbao with 4 digits inside.

    I don't know how many I can get ah. I bring umbrella, towel, plastic bag..... to catch the digits.

  45. Mira,
    Yes, this is an annual event and has been held for almost a quarter century.

    I'll sponsor your contest. :)

  46. Beautiful colours! Think I shall go there for some photo sessions :-)

  47. Darkspore,
    Please come! I'll show you some lovely spots to take stunning photos. Look for me. :)

  48. happy lunar new year of the ox, ECL and hubby and Jaymes. wish you even better times ahead! yumseng!

  49. Wah nice pictures. Photography finger itchy. Is it in Singapore? (Embarassing question, ha ha)

  50. Awesome.. awesome.. awesome... I love it.. been a while since I saw a real Chinese New Year celebration...

    Thanks for the pictures ECL!! Ahhh nostalgic....

    Happy Chinese New Year ECL and to your family an all your visitors as well!!

  51. The event really looks exciting..Amazing pictures too!

  52. Happy Chinese New Year to you and yr family :)

  53. Jonzz,
    Yes, this is in Singapore! :D

    Come lah! There are lots of scenic spots and amazing performances. The foreign performers are good looking too. :)

  54. LadyJava,
    You coming back anot? I'm waiting for you. Must talk.

    Come down to River HongBao. I take you on a tour and we can pose for photos. :)

  55. Thank you BengBeng!!

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

  56. happening! So many lanterns! Anyway I wanna wish you happy chinese cow year! May the God of prosperity bless with you with lots of money. And may you always be in good health! =)

  57. miss this every year... always seem to be back before and after the event. but nice share :)

  58. Not likely to be going Singapore this CNY, but is this a yearly event? maybe can go next year! : )

  59. Tekkaus,
    Thank you so much for your new year greeting!
    There are 680 lanterns in all.

  60. QuaChee,
    aiyoooo.... so many days also can miss it. :)

    I put up the photos for you to see lah.

  61. foongpc,
    This is a yearly event.
    It has been held by the riverside for almost a quarter century.

    Plan for next year lah. :)

  62. Very good photos! It looks like fun. Everything is so colorful & festive!

  63. I'm coming.. I'm coming.. but a bit delayed.. got some stuff to do in Ipoh before heading back to SG..very urgent one!!

  64. ecl,
    Happy Chinese New Year to you and Gong Xi Fa Chai!:)

  65. What a grand celebration! There must have been a lot of wonderful highlights that evening.