Sunday, November 09, 2008

Win a Subaru Impreza with one Palm.... - WS #49

It's insane! It's painful! It's out of this world!

400 contestants!

Prize : A Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5 hatchback (S$80,000 w/o COE)!

Hours of physical and psychological torture!

The 7th annual Subaru Palm Challenge kicked off at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza on 8th November. There were 10 cars on-site (40 contestants per car).

Participants need to stick one palm (like glue) on a hand-print in order to win this contest. It is much harder than it looks. This contest tests the mental and physical limits of the 400 participants, including 40 contestants from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

The 40 pre-qualified male and female contestants were flown on an all-expenses paid trip to Singapore to take part in this challenge.

If the eventual winner is a regional contestant, he or she stands to walk away with the grand car prize in their respective regions. The top regional contestant will get an additional cash prize of S$5,000.

contestants hanging on at 11pm on 8th November

The challenged started at 1pm and less than 40 minutes after it started, the first contestant dropped out.

Participants get a bathroom break every 6 hours, a brief 5 minute pit stop. They can use the toilets and/or get something to eat, drink or get a massage from the paramedics on site. The timings are at 1pm, 7pm, 1am and 7am each day.

Many supporters have also stayed up to spur on friends and relatives.

A family cheering their beloved on!

The ultimate winner of Subaru Challenge 2007, Sandra Yeow outlast 387 other contestants to emerge the first ever female champion with an astonishing, record-breaking time of 77 hours and 13 minutes! Her husband is also in the challenge this year. Good luck.

As at 11.49 am today, 159 contestants are still standing. Hang in there!! 加油!

Just how long can the contestants last this time round?


  1. ECL,
    Such contest also has ah? So nice! I also want that Subaru leh. If they were going to organise it here in Malaysia, I think we only would get a Perodua Kancil! hahahaha!

  2. Kok,
    The 7th year already!! Very popular! More and more participants each year and each trying to outdo one another! It's not easy to enter this contest too.

    I cannot even get a toe in!! haha.... Anyway, I'll probably be the first to drop out after.... 10 mins!? hahaha....

  3. Looks like everybody had fun. It is so exciting with contests like this.

  4. mharms,
    Some contestants are having fun. It's day two and more than 2/3 of the contestants have dropped out.

    Result will be out probably on Tuesday.

  5. OMG! I saw this same kind of contest for a modelling contract and at each break, they have to change clothes!

    Good luck to the participants!!

  6. Salute goes to all those participants!

    It will be indeed a waste if a contestant last until he or she is one of the last two contestants after battling days of rain, heat and a host of uncomfort such as deprivation of sleep, water, etc.. then suddenly he or she has to stop because the body really cannot tahan liao!

    Mind rules over body but this is immense challenge, one's bio makeup will determine how far one goes in this competiton!

  7. this is indeed a test of mind over body! good luck to all the participants!!!!

  8. ps. nice template, ECL!
    hehe, been a while since i've been here ... :)

  9. sounds like a challenging scenario. all the best to the contestants

  10. ECL,
    Inform me next year if they've such contest! I wanna join!

    *start practising now* :D

  11. What a challenging contest! A test of mental and physical strength indeed. No wonder a woman won last year. We women are tough inside..don't we?

  12. LadyJava,
    This is tougher than the modelling contract. lol....

    Hours in the sun or rain and one palm not being able to move; 5 mins break every 6 hours to go toilet, eat meal, exercise! I feel heartache for those contestants.

  13. singaporeshortstories,
    Salute to them indeed!

    I was there for almost the whole day and it was very tough. I'm aching all over but those people were there with no sleep for more than 33 hours now!

    The weather was so humid and hot today!

    Go down and give them your encouragement and support!

  14. maiylah!
    Where have you been? It's been a long time!

    There are 6 Filipino contestants still in the race now! :)

    Glad that you like my new template. :)

  15. life ramblings,
    Yes, this is not easy for the winner. I see great determination and resilience in the contestants here.

    May the best win!

  16. Kok,
    No problem.

    It's an annual contest, you would find out from your media too.

    Toughen up, build up your stamina. :)

  17. Ecl,

    I would love to see you take part in the contest. If you do, I am sure many of your fans will support and cheer you on.

  18. sweet jasmine,
    The women in last year's contest were very strong. This year, the men were stronger.

    There are more men than women left standing in the competition now.

    We women lose to the men because physically we are weaker. :)

  19. very very very cool contest! and the price! yihaa!!!!!

    looking forward to know who's gonna win that!

  20. stanley,
    I'll try next year. I know I'm going to be a clown. hahaha.....

    I might be able to endure not sleeping or eating for days but not the 'standing around and do nothing for hours'!

  21. the donG,
    Yah! I'm curious to know who would be the winner. The overseas contestants are very strong competitors!

    They also have many supporters (their countrymen working in Singapore) to cheer them on. :) I see a great sense of patriotism.

  22. wheww...I am not sure I could last that long..that's waaaaaay too long for me. i'll miss the comfort room too bad hehehe!

  23. Hi ECL,

    Wow you are so sporty and so game for challenge! Good for you!


    Singapore Short Stories

  24. You always have the best ever time. You make me want to move to Singapore.

    Thanks for stopping in to see mine!!


  25. marites,
    I need to use the toilet every 4 hours, 6-hr break is too long! I'll develop kidney problem. haha....

  26. Spore short stories,
    I'm always game and sporty when it comes to challenges. :P

  27. shinade,
    haha.... you want to move to Singapore? Come, I welcome you to visit me then.

  28. Eastcoastlife, under what circumstances would you take part in such a contest?

    I doubt I would join such contest, unless the grand prize is a double bass made by a master-maker, that I very much want.

  29. These hands on contests are always funny. I don't know if I could do it but hey, whats a few days of your life if you can manage?? A new car right!! How do you find these contests??

  30. Wow! What a neat chance for someone to win.

  31. I just want to WIN anything la ECL he he! This would be an awesome win woo hoo! Good luck to all. :):):)

  32. oh my! only 5-minute breaks every 6 hours? whoever wins really deserves to win! hee hee! :)

    Banana Pudding
    The Caped Ones

  33. oceanskies,
    I would take part in this contest as a publicity stunt. :D

    I know I cannot win. I don't have the stamina, I would give up. haha....

  34. if you can stand that long, then you definitely deserve to win. its like survivor subaru!

  35. dianeca,
    This is an annual contest. It attracts lots of attention each year.

    Yeah, it takes up just a few days of my life, I should go join it for a once in a lifetime experience! I'll consider. :)

  36. gran,
    Yes, there will be only one winner! The ultimate winner!

  37. Mariuca,
    Wahhhhh!! You want to win anything! :)

    This contest is not so easy. I was observing it for a good whole day yesterday.

    6 hours of standing in the sun with hundreds of people gawking, laughing and eating right in front of you. You practically can't move with one palm stuck on the hand-print.

    The 5 mins break is very precious. You need to pee, drink, eat and exercise to get your blood circulation moving..... heartache lah! I salute all the contestants!

  38. munchkin mummy,
    Yes, only 4 toilet breaks a day!! Terrible condition!
    The winner deserves our respect.

  39. cookie,
    I hope it will end soon, to break the record every year to win a Subaru, it test the limits of the contestants but their health will suffer.

  40. oh wow! that is very exciting! Cheers to team Philippines! my WS entry is here

  41. kero,
    There are some strong men in team Philippines! :) Hang in there!

  42. If, I were there, I would join the contest too.

  43. really creative! I tried once here to win a car too. We had to count how many boxes of milk they have stuffed in the car and it was really tough although it looked simple from outside. of course, I cant be standing there forever and do a thorough counting. :) I love people with creative ideas like this. So, wonder who the lucky winner will be to win the Subaru!

  44. karen,
    You can try next year. I'm sure you will be able to last till the end. Go for it!

  45. farah,
    Win a car just by counting boxes of milk in a car? Wow! It's much easier than this Subaru challenge!

    I'm anxious to see who will be the winner of this challenge too. The heavy rain this morning must have depressed the contestants.

    I'll be cheering for them daily.

  46. Wow, this is challenging! And certainly a test to how bad they want that car. 加油! 加油!

  47. doreen,
    They want the car badly alright! :)
    It costs S$80,000... and for a few days' work? worth it!

  48. omg....hubby said I can not do that hi hi hi...because I need to go to toilet every 1-2 hours everytime :D

    My WS entry this week : in HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

  49. Hey I've seen a similar contest on tv but it's fo an ultra expensive wedding gown and you alse get wedding rings.

    offtopic- surprise? - I am excited,can't wait! I will be also gone for 2 weeks starting Friday but looking forward meeting you when I get back.

  50. juliana,
    hehe... why do you need to go toilet so often? That is really a problem if you want to take part in this challenge. :)

  51. Jade,
    Wedding gown and rings are not exactly hot items for everyone. hehe....

    Oooo.... you're going on a trip? See you when you're back. :)
    Enjoy yourself!

  52. This is a great entry and very interesting contest...Happy WS!

  53. Oh, that looks like fun from our point of view but definitely very challenging to the participants :)

    I wish them all well. My son enjoyed reading your entry, he loves anything Subaru. In fact we watched Russ Swift perform stunts with these cars for two years in a row :D

  54. Wow that looks like a big contest. Great shots of the crowds.

  55. Like anything for a Subaru. I think my husband will be interested here. :) Haven't visited here for quite some time. Nice new look of your blog. :)

  56. i've heard this kind of contest a few years ago.....

  57. Wow, this is the first time I've heard of this contest. I admire the people who are up for such a challenge. Good luck to all.

  58. wow, ECL, sounds fun but tiring lar. I dont think i will be able to stand for more than 1 hour. lol! :D