Monday, November 10, 2008

MediaCorp Subaru Challenge, Day 2

Day 2 of Subaru Challenge. A humid Sunday afternoon, 4.15 pm. For my friends who wish to participate next year, hope this info helps. :)

Standing among the supporters of the contestants, I was feeling the heat... from the hot sun and the intensity of the competition. The 100+ contestants have been battling it out for more than 27 hours.

The regional contestants - shaking it up!

Many foreign workers in Singapore came to support their fellow countrymen who were taking part in this challenge. The overseas contestants were determined to win the car despite not having their family members to cheer them on. There was only one lady in this group.

legs swelling, swollen ankles

After hours of standing and no sleep, some contestants don't look too good. Swollen ankles and wrists were a problem. Medics use cold compresses, and also massage on their feet and their hands.

Contestants started to feel the heat and the pain on day 2. Spraying was the only way to keep cool. Contestants also developed their own techniques to keep their hands glued to the car.

*applause* - a fighter to the end!

Several contestants tried to keep themselves occupied and get their blood circulation running. Some tried to sit while others stretched their legs. Some contestants tried dancing the night away to stay awake. Such actions do not necessarily keep them in the battle though.

The elderly couple was here supporting their son at Car #4!

I spotted this elderly couple sitting comfortably on top of a planter. The mother would occasionally wave a paper fan in the direction of her son who was participating in the challenge. This is his 2nd attempt. His parents were with him throughout the challenge. Wow! Very supportive and encouraging parents.

I asked the parents if they feel heartache when they see their son being put through such tough physical and mental endurances.

"Of course our hearts ache, but we love him. Being here physically and cheering him on is the only thing we could do. "

Greatest love of all!! *eyes teary*


  1. What an experience! You find the neatest, most intense stuff!

  2. Busy,busy busy weekend!

    My posts are here and here .

    Hope you can visit..

  3. sandy,
    Yeah. A mummy blogger is usually more sensitive to her surroundings. :)

  4. ecl,
    I still think it's quite fun. I mean challenging and fun! hahaha! If you determined you can do it, I guess you already win 80%. :)

  5. Thanks for the last few paragraphs. That's the greatest love of all.

  6. kok,
    It is fun .... for young men like you. For old Aunty like ECL no fun liao. I dun need the car.

    But if got young handsome hunk as prize, maybe different. ECL will fight hard for him. hahaha...

    Next year, I'll remind you when it is open for registration. :)

  7. oceanskies,
    Just happen to notice the parents. It must be hard to watch your own kid suffers right in front of you.

  8. I always find aunties have more grit than strapping young men. If ECL joined, I'm sure there are a lot of supporters for you! :)
    Can always donate the car to us. :D

  9. Maybe when they see the tasks at hand as an inevitable part of helping their children grow as a person, they would let go, and learn that the thing that they could do is to lend moral support, even when the heart aches?

  10. @_@ **
    I can actually feel the heat and aches of their body simply thinking of the hours.. car nevermind...for me :P

  11. Very nice photos. It takes a lot of support to keep them going on for the challenge and I wish them the best.

  12. im getting more excited to know who's going to win that car!!! parents are really supportive. are they there for 24hours too!?

  13. This is very tough! I don't think I would go for such a challenge for a car : )

  14. this competition may turn one body upside down if one is not strong enough.. lack of water, food, endurance of the elements, and biological urge to control one's bladder, all this adds up... it will be sad if one were to fall sick after some hours.. but all competitors know this fact and they are here knowing all these risks.

    I did not really follow up with this competiton, is the car really free meh? all coe fully paid?

  15. ECL,
    You also young mahhh! Next time we join together lah. I think you're more persevered to win. So, if you got the car, you can always give it to me to vrrooommm vrroommm! haha!

    What about me? The hunk (although not handsome)! Would you fight for me? hahahha!

    Remind me again ya!:D

  16. hi ECL... you mean that contest is about the enduring the longest time holding/touching the subaru? that's new! i have to check the news online on that!

    i would have joined if the stake is a subaru impreza WRX!!! whoooo!!

  17. What a contest. One has to admire their stamina! *big eyes*

    I wouldn't last long in that kind of competition... PHEW!

    Yes, that truly was supportive parents - like it should be.

  18. Wah.. teary eyed syiok to have supportive parents lah.. dun win also nevermind!

  19. Who gets to use the car? The parents or the son? ;p

  20. Oh my they're still at it. Oh dear I bet he is tired and would love to get to bed.

    I am having terrible weather today and running very very late!!

    I keep losing my connection. I am trying though!!

    I will try to drop around later also!!


  21. Oh my..they're still there up until now,ECL? Now, you made me excited on who will get that car!~ I wouldn't mind a new one though..hehe

  22. lina,
    I know of some aunties who are very strong and super efficient!

    hahaha.... I should join to see who would be my supporters eh?

    Let me see if I can get a car from a sponsor and organise a contest for my readers. :P

  23. oceanskies,
    If Jaymes is taking part in the challenge, I would do the same too. Be there physically to support him.

    But I doubt he would be there for me if I'm in the challenge. duh.

  24. napaboaniya,
    yahhh... just looking at the contestants standing in the hot sun or rain, I feel heartache.

    There were several Mummies and Daddies in the challenge. I salute them! .... and all the contestants too.

  25. Hi alice!
    Yes, they need our encouragement and support. Those strong men and women have been there for more than 70 hours!

  26. the donG,
    The parents were there 24 hours! But last night, they were not there any more when I dropped by. Probably their son is out of the race....

  27. foongpc,
    Not many people can take the tough conditions. :)

  28. singaporeshortstories,
    The car is free but without COE. :)

    Many of the contestants were weak, some fell ill and had to be wheeled out of the contest area. I'm worried for the winner. He or she would be pushing to the utmost limit.

  29. Kok,
    Next year, we both try. hehe.... Maybe bloggers can participate and occupy one car hor!

    eiii.... must fight for you ah? Give away free also can, right? hiak hiak hiak....

  30. Capt Picard,
    It is! I'm sure you would give me your support if I join. :)

  31. jaejae,
    Oh man! You're late! It is a Subaru Impreza WRX!!Next year. I'll inform you.

    It's not a tough challenge for you, dude.

  32. lifecruiser,
    One needs stamina and determination for this challenge. It gets tougher as it nears the end. Probably no toilet breaks. :P

    I won't last an hour... haha...

  33. LadyJava,
    Very touching scene hor.

    The elderly parents brought chair, water, extra clothings.... they came prepared to battle it out with their son. Hebat!

  34. I wouldn't last ten minutes :)

    Beautiful post, especially the last part [sniffle].

  35. tigerfish,
    Can imagine the touching scene :

    Son brings parents for a spin when he wins the car! :) I'm sure he would let his Dad drive it sometimes.

  36. shinade,
    Every one of the contestants left wants to go to bed! lol.... They have been standing for more than 70 hours with one palm 'glued' to the car.

    A good sleep, food, drink is what they need!

  37. yen,
    Result should be out any time soon. I saw a few pretty strong contestants last night.

    But as things usually turn out, the winner might be an unexpected one. :)

  38. gran,
    haha.... don't underestimate yourself.

    Yah.... I could feel the strong love of the elderly parents.

  39. How did they go to the loo then? Don't tell me they hold everything in.

  40. It's a big challenge and lasting for two days is already a great achievement. It's wonderful to see family members giving their all out support.