Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heroes of Subaru Challenge - WW

10pm Day 3 of MediaCorp Subaru Challenge

About 30 contestants were still standing when I dropped in after a late dinner on Monday. I found some of them in a weak state. A few were standing unsteadily, wavering on their feet. It had been more than 50 hours for them.

This Mummy looked frail but she was still hanging in there when I left at 11pm.

Many looked exhausted. Drenched from the heavy rain earlier, they were not allowed to change out of their wet clothings. There was a breeze, I was in long sleeves and a denim jacket..... I could see them shivering in their wet clothes.

Some contestants had friends and relatives visiting. Chatting kept their minds off their aching and weary bodies.

I was amazed to see a frail-looking Mummy still standing strong, albeit alone, her hand firmly stuck to the car. Every now and then, she would massage her swelling palm. *applause*

This Thai challenger's palm just slided down the hood and he onto the floor....

One by one, contestants started to fall. A slight mistake and they were out. One Filipino contestant was devastated when he slipped. You could not help feeling sayang (pity) for him, seeing the agony written all over his face.

Cold compresses on his feet and a hand massage

Every one who took this challenge is a hero. We salute you.

Winner should be out any time now.....


  1. Ecl,
    Any idea who will be the eventual winner? Will last year's record of 77 hours be broken by this year's winner?

  2. stanley,
    There are 6 Singaporeans standing now at 3.15pm! I cannot guess...

  3. these ple are so so so eng ah. u too! haha. How's life? I just got back fr Manila yesterday and am heading for another camp this wkend soon. We must meet for makan when I'm finally thru w the camps. in dec?

  4. sho,
    They took leave to participate in this annual contest.

    I'm also busy. Wahhh... what did you get from Manila?

    OK ah, makan when you come back in December. Wait for you. :)

  5. Wah piang eh.. I would faint on the first day I tell you.. this pple sure have perseverance power!


  6. While the prize is pretty good, is it really worth it to subject yourself to that kind of "neglect/pain"? Maybe for some. I can barely sit still while watching TV. I'd be horrible at this challenge.

  7. Now my pain is less compare to this 'torture'.ha.ha

  8. Wonder if it is worth risking the health for a car. Car can buy anytime, but health is too precious to risk it that way.

  9. I heard so much about this contest but it wasn't reported in our local papers. So i found your lovely blog. Thanks!

  10. I could just imagine the fatigue of those people.

    Sayang the Filipino contestant was not successful at his goal but I'm sure the all expense trip was worth it.

  11. I must have missed something. Why are they standing ??

  12. it seemed as if nothing could dampen their spirits despite facing a string of obstacles. more power to them!

  13. My gosh that must be really hard especially with wet clothes.

    Really sayang ah! Do they get any consolation prize?

  14. Ecl,

    Looks like the participants are not competing on the level playing field. Contestants who placed their palms on a hand-print located
    on the bonnet have better advantage over those contestants who have to place their palms on the sides of the car.

  15. I salute you for taking the challenge to go there everyday to blog about the event!

    I would need a lot of thick skin to take photos of people who are receiving first aid....cos I doubt I would wish to do so unless I have written permission..... :(

  16. "One Filipino contestant was devastated when he slipped. You could not help feeling sayang (pity) for him, seeing the agony written all over his face.">>> hahaha... now you know a little of tagalog!

    good luck to the remaining contestants. im always looking forward to check this series of post on this contest.

  17. during the news at 1030pm just now, now left only a male and a female, its the battle of the sexes now!

    I think the female will win, guts feeling.

    Last year, if I dun remember wrongly, the runner up also got some consolation prizes.

  18. Aiyoh, ECL, dun tell me you've been going to Orchard Road every day to see the challenge ah? Must take care of yourself too!!

  19. Very interesting. So who won anyway? You have a great blog.

  20. Oh my goodness!! This is still going on? Wow...oh my how are they doing it?

    They must really want that car. I too feel sorry for those who stayed so long to drop at the last minute.

    Wow I'll just keep my country girl Chevy pick up...thank you!!

    Happy WW Ecl...it's still Tuesday here!!:-))

  21. Hey there what's up? I have you rolled...didn't you feel it?

    Gotta' dash...EC is crazy tonight!!

    Hugs and more hugs!!:-)))

  22. Ewwwwwww....I would liked to be rolled too...LOL!!! Now I am really gone...really I am!!!

  23. LadyJava,
    My legs will go weak after an hour. haha.... I can tahan the hunger only... no toilet break, I can die! :P

  24. Kok,
    5 mins break every 6 hours. Within those precious minutes, they have to go toilet, eat, drink and have a massage of their numb limbs. :P

  25. stefan,
    I would like to take part but I know my limits. This challenge is only for those with strong willpower and can endure the horrible conditions set by the organisers.

    I would say : Have fun but health comes first.

  26. sweet jasmine,
    I admire your strength and courage too.

  27. Doreen,
    I agree. There may be medics in attendance but I don't know how bad the damage could be.

    Any medical professional or doctor care to comment?

  28. Hi twilight zone,
    Thanks for stopping by. :)

    I'm amazed at what the human beings can endure under such inhumane conditions. :P

    I'm constantly amazed at the friendship, family togetherness and kindness demonstrated at this challenge.

    I was there whenever I have the time. I'm not a strong person - physically and mentally, I appreciate these real life people who are good examples to human kind.... their determination, strength, willpower in times of adversity.

    Kudos to the contestants! *salute*

  29. heart of rachel
    I felt sad for the Filipino contestant. He was so dejected. The expression on his face was so painful to watch.

    I guess no amount of consolation nor hugs could ease his pain.

    He did a great job. All Filipinos should be proud of him.

  30. life ramblings,
    Yes, nothing could stop them except themselves. :)

    Usually their bodies cannot go on. Fatigue, hunger, getting ill..... they cannot control.

  31. Jade,
    In the hot sun, they get sunburnt. During the heavy rains, they get drenched and have to remain wearing their wet clothes.

    This year, the first and second runner-ups get prizes too. Previous years... nothing. :)

    The rest of the contestants.... no consolation prizes. But loads of memories, new friends, experience...

  32. stanley,
    Their luck. Their positions were determined by drawing lots. They cannot choose.

    Those who got the window position, it's a little tricky and tough. They have to stand most of the time. Those on the hood could stoop down or bend their bodies.

    In competitions, there is always a certain level of unfairness. :(

  33. oceanskies,
    I dropped by whenever I have the time. Also gathering info to prepare for next year's challenge. haha....

    It's not gracious to take the photos of the contestants who were receiving medical aid, but as the media, we have to portray the actual situations. For those who want to take part in the next challenge, such pictures speak a lot for them. They can make informed decisions whether they want to participate. They can expect what can happen.

    The contestants were sporting and they even posed for photos. :)

  34. the donG,
    I know a little Tagalog. :)
    My Filipino students and friends taught me. hehe....

    Winner is out. The Filipino contestants fought very hard. The people of Philippines will be proud of them. :)

  35. singaporeshortstories,
    I was at a product launch last night and couldn't be at the challenge.

    I'm so happy for the winner. He fought very hard. So did the runner-up. She would get a consolation prize.

  36. Hi Jean,
    Those people are survivors! Should send them on the Survivor game show. haha...

  37. puniao,
    Whenever I have time, I go. Just to check on the contestants lah. kaypoh mah. haha.....

  38. Hi cascia,
    The winner has been announced. :)

  39. shinade,
    There is only one champion. I feel sorry for those who hung on for days too.

  40. shinade,
    Thanks for rolling me. I want to have you rolled too but Blogrolling is down!

    I'll think of something. Give me time. I'm swarmed with work. :P