Thursday, July 10, 2008

eastcoastlife in an Adultery Case

Is eastcoastlife a woman wonderwoman?

She saved a dick from a zipper, shoots MPs, SM and PM fights fires, takes on the civil servants of Singapore, taught a queue jumper a lesson .... yenjai wondered what else can she do? I rack my brains for more..... ahhhhh..... the busybody eastcoastlife helped her favourite cousin catch her husband in the act of adultery.

I was still single then. My younger brother who was working in their company casually mentioned to me, this cousin's husband was having an affair with an employee in the same company. I was shocked and indignant that such a thing should happen to my kind and beautiful cousin.

The next day, I went to see her. When I confronted her with her husband's adultery, at first she denied but upon further pressure, she broke down and poured her heart out. I was incensed. How dare an outsider bully my family member!?

I wiped her tears and told her I would settle the matter for her. I called Chris, who was my then boyfriend. He was an ex-Narcotics officer so I forced him to help. We were professionally equipped. Cannot reveal what we had, secret. hehehe.....

At that time, Chris just started his optical practice and was only available after 9.30pm. That was good because the adulterous pair knocked off work at 9pm. The man would go for dinner with his partners, after dinner sometimes, he would drive to his mistress' house to pick her up and go to a park or beach.

*scratch head* I cannot understand why they can't get a room. Does sex feel better in the cramped seat of a car?

When I first saw his mistress, I puke. WTH!! So ugly! Buck-teeth and tiny eyes......, skinny (no front no back), and older than my cousin! What did he see in her!? That made me even madder.
We stalked them for a week and got what we wanted.

One morning, 10 minutes before the husband set off for work, I arrived at his doorstep. We chatted for a while...... suddenly I threw the photos of his adultery acts on the table. He almost spurt his coffee into my face! He stared at the photos, motionless. His face turned ash white. His hands were trembling. My cousin started crying and pummelling him.......

...... /to be continued


  1. Looks like you like to stand up for what you consider as justice.

  2. oceanskies,
    Yes... since I was a kid. :)
    Some habits never die.

    You think it is fair for a man to keep a mistress outside? I'm interfering?

  3. ELC, you are a super ELC. I wonder what the ending will be like.

  4. malaika's mummy,
    haha.... super kay poh, right?

  5. The motivation to stand for justice is maybe your special gift. May you put it to wise use. :)

    About your question. It depends on which perspective one is looking at the issue.

    Morally, as seen by most people in the society, for a man to have a mistress outside (especially in a mongamous marriage) is wrong. Of course, if we look at decades ago where polygamous marriages and male domination were the norm, people's perceptions on this same issue could be different.

    For the point of the betrayed spouse, for many, it can be extremely painful to find her husband having a mistress.

    Research least from US based studies, 60% of married males and 40% of females would have at least one affair in their lifetime. And theoretical speaking, when a man keeps a mistress, it could be highlighting some kind of problems in the marital relationship.

    I don't have the wisdom to tell if you were interfering.

    I suppose you were trying your best to be stand up for what you think is justice? Though I don't know if you were indeed of help to your cousin and her husband.

  6. wuah.. chok karn!!

    u got pics of them ahem in the car ah? or was it at the padang? kekekekeeke... i really wanna know wat "ka chang" u use... super zoom zoom cameras?? ;)

  7. it's good that you're there for her. what a true good friend.

  8. ECL, you need a spandex outfit to fight for truth and justice.

  9. You love keeping us all in suspense. Eastcoastlife in spandex, the mind boggles.

  10. ECL, I believe you are indeed a Super Woman!

    And I read the how you saved a d**k post, that one was hilarious.

    Thanks for you visit on WW. We just returned today from Colorado, I put the WW on last Sunday from Nebraska so I wouldn't miss my continuous running.
    Yes, I think that dog is homeless. It seemed very comfortable there sleeping on the street.

  11. Hi again. To see what I was doing in Nebraska, please go to this link.

    It was "Blogstock '08" held on Cliff Morrow's farm last week.

  12. This is opposite to 'saving a dick' liao

  13. We really need to get you a super heroin costume!

  14. Duh. I meant to type a super HERO costume. Sorry, tired tonight.

  15. oceanskies,
    A good judge might even have difficulty judging the affairs of a household.

    I might be wrong, sometimes.

    In my cousin's case... she is my favourite cousin. Although we are 6 years apart in age, she has been a good sister and friend to me since I was a kid.

    She is too kind, too trusting, too soft. She's a typical Chinese woman... lives only for her family. She's filial to the elders, obedient to her husband, loving to her kids.

    That is her problem!? Too perfect for her husband!? He needs to get a woman entirely opposite to his wife, a bad woman. I f*** him!!

    He's lucky he's still alive today.

    I agree there are cases where the wife has to take responsibility also for her marriage. Take me for example.

    I'm the stronger partner in my family. Chris looks like the hen-pecked husband to outsiders, but there is an intricate relationship between husbands and wives that many cannot understand.

    I allow Chris to take a second wife if he can justify it. He wants more children which I'm not willing to produce at all. In black and white, I announce to the whole world now.

    Chris can take a second wife.

    He doesn't want to. ok... maybe he hasn't found another woman he wants to marry. :) But the offer stands.

    For my cousin's case, there is no justification for the husband to take a mistress!

    If his wife is no good in bed and he wants a naughty sex partner, that is ridiculous!!! I'll cut his balls!

    I saved their marriage but I cannot mend my cousin's heart. She's still living in misery. I pity her. Luckily she has her two sweet daughters.

    To others, her family is intact and she looks blessed but I know she is miserable inside.

    What I did for her, to the eyes of the outsiders, I forced/ dragged her husband back. It's only his physical being in the family.

    It's better than she filed for divorce because I know she is not strong for that....

    It's her life... she couldn't take control nor manage it. I helped in any way I could. To the husband, I'm interfering and a blardy biatch... who cares what he thinks!?

    I save my cousin's life and today she is able to see her daughters graduate from university and walk down the aisles with their loves......

  16. My rainbow angel,
    Yah... they did it in the car! If they had gone to a hotel, it would be difficult for me to have the juicy photos.

    Camera and video... just in case! Evidence is still in my safe deposit box. I promise the man, when he dies, it will be buried with him.

  17. the dong,
    The wife is my cousin - blood ties. If I don't help her, nobody would. Sad.

  18. Capt Picard,
    A spandex outfit! hmmmm...
    Let me choose the colour and design......

  19. sailor,
    Yes, I'm wondering how good I'll look in spandex too.

    I'm thinking.... hehe....

  20. Jim,
    Welcome back!

    Thanks for thinking so highly of me. hehe... I'm always well-equipped and operationally ready with butter, scissors, needle and thread.... etc.

    You did some travelling! I've got to see it. :)

  21. yenjai,

    I swear I left his dick and balls alone!

    Although I had to be dragged away from attacking him at first....

  22. Hello gran!
    How's dinner with your son?

    It's not the most wonderful job being a hero. I need to be resilient, strong, determined and tireless....

    Ok... got to go to the next rescue mission....

  23. Emm...may be the mistress was good at "something else"? I like how you stand up for yourself, your friends, your relatives and your family. Gal power!

  24. Doreen,
    Yah... the mistress is naughty and have many sex tricks. My cousin is demure and is no fight for her in this.

    But to lose a husband to such skills, that is incredible!

    I did try to teach her but she cannot tahan it. hahaha....

  25. Thanks for the long comment. Sounds like the comment is good enough for a post on its own.

    Hopefully, there would be ways for your cousin to heal from the hurts and pain.

    In case you are not aware, there is a support group for people whose spouse are/were having extra-marital affair, right here in Singapore. Check this: New Rainbow Support Group.

    Hopefully she would find the positive energy to heal from within.

    Hopefully in the near future, she can feel more empowered to stand up for herself than to depend totally on you to set things right. Of course, I believe your moral support will still be appreciated.

  26. Forgot to mention...though the dates for the New Rainbow Support Group are rather outdated online, I understand that this support group still exist. Just call the number found at that webpage to enquire. There is also a Mandarin New Rainbow Support Group from time-to-time.

  27. oceanskies,
    She has her two daughters for support now. It's good she realised her daughters needed her then and she didn't do something foolish.

    Where they are family support, people usually don't want to wash their dirty linen in public.

    Asians are still not that receptive to counselling.

  28. Family support would be most essential.

    By the way, usually in support groups like New Rainbow Support Group, observing confidentiality is one of the most important ground rules for every member to observe.

    ...not like what people misperceive as washing dirty linen in public. ;)

  29. I have a question, The man beats the wife, but she takes it because she is uneducated, jobless and dependent on him. After many years, the children reported him to the authorities.

    But the mother calls them ungrateful, as the father provided everything for them.

    Is that right?

  30. oceanskies,
    Different people have thinking... for the older Chinese, it is shameful to even talk about the bad things of your family to a stranger.

    Maybe I'm strong and tough, I don't find counselling a good solution to all problems. :)

  31. mott,
    How can I judge? This is a family matter.

    To the mother, she is uneducated but she has her own set of values. She thinks it is alright for her husband to beat her. She has suffered so many years, hasn't she? If she chooses not to leave him, it is her choice.

    She probably loves him as much as her kids. And it must have hurt her that her kids have reported their father to the authorities.

    Traditional values teach compassion and forgiveness, modern day, ang-moh educated youngsters cannot fathom. :) Me too.

    We are not qualified to judge except God. What we see as unacceptable, the people themselves might not.

    wei.... take you so long to visit. *piak piak your backside*


    Dun piak piak my backside laaaaaaa!!!!

    U show the finger, I scared di!!!!


    You're right about that. She, being traditional did not understand how her children could betray the family like that. But her kids could not bear to see her drop another tear, anymore. Now, the father has been forced to live elsewhere.

    But I think it's for the better, she is no longer beaten and her kids help take care of her.

    Wei, I've been visiting, I just don't comment lor. U so fierce sometimes! ;-)

  33. mott,
    sayang sayang.....

    Show you finger you scared meh! I haven't seen your BB, must pinch pinch the chubby cheeks. :)

    Wah!! Her kids separated them ah! Although the kids think it is for the good of their mother, it is lonely for her not to have her companion. Can't they make their father promise not to hit her?

  34. eastcoastlife: When it comes to family violence, sometimes getting the perpetuator to promise not to hit someone may not be sufficient.

    The perpetuator often needs to learn that there are consequences to using violence on his family members, so as to eventually stop family violence.

    I suppose it was probably the last resort that the children from the family mentioned by mott had to report to the authorities. It was a regret that their father had leave and live elsewhere, though it needn't be the case. Only the beating has to go, not their father.