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Discover Singapore Legal History, with eastcoastlife - WW

Photos taken in the old Supreme Court building are deleted because Singapore Land Authority has informed me that they are strictly for personal use only and not to be circulated in any form or for any commercial purposes.

Crowds gathered outside Supreme Court to catch a glimpse of eastcoastlife

What's going on!?

It's a multi-dimensional exhibition held in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Singapore Academy of Law. From 4th July to 1st August 2008, visitors are given a rare opportunity to explore the old Supreme Court.

Take a walk through legal history on a guided tour to the old Supreme Court. Visitors will be able to walk through various facilities which have never been opened to the public before, including the prison cells, the Chief Justice’s private chambers and court rooms. It will also be the last time the public will be able to view these premises before the building is closed for renovations and converted to other use. sigh.....

At the atrium of the new Supreme Court, get an insight into the development of our legal system and its personalities through interesting facts, photos and rare artefacts and court documents, (some of which date back to the 19th century). Learn about some of the most dramatic trials that took place within the high court....

A policeman dressed up in the uniform of the past. Cool!

For the first time, the lock-up is opened for public viewing.

Orderly Dominic will show you round the private Chambers of the Chief of Justice.

As you can see, I enjoyed myself, as always. hehehe...... I took the tour twice (free mah) and the docents recognise this siao zhar bo (wacky woman). I made the tour fun and interesting, of course the docents were forced need to co-operate..... Most importantly, I gain valuable knowledge from this program. Read next post. :)

Special thanks to Singapore Academy of Law (Happy 20th Anniversary!!) and the helpful docents. ^-^

Note: Visits to the old Supreme Court are open to guided tours only. Register at new Supreme Court.

Opening hours:
Mondays to Saturdays: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

Guided tours :
Mondays to Fridays: 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm

*Limited places are available and pre-registration is required.

Admission: Free


怎么回事! ?他们在看什么?

为庆祝新加坡法律学会20周年纪念,从7月4日到2008年8月1日,公众将有一个前所未有, 难能可贵的机会探索我们的旧最高法院大厦。


除了导览外,法律学会也会在目前的最高法院大厦举办展览,通过多样的珍贵文物,引领公众走入时光隧道,让他们对本地法律史 有更深入的了解。

展览的内容主要分为:法律里程碑、法院与传统、法律人才(包括本地六家历史最悠久的律师事务所的背景)、法律工具 (展示最古老的法律报告等)和轰动案件。

我非常享受这趟导览,当然我一如既往的好玩性格,在法庭重地扮演囚犯,使得旁观者啼笑皆非。 嘻嘻嘻 ...... 我参加了两次导览(免费嘛),值班人员已经认得出我这疯女人。 我感谢导览员们的配合和允许,使我留下有趣和珍贵的照片。最重要的,我从这个活动获取的宝贵知识和经验,将使我有一个难忘而美丽的回忆。

非常感谢新加坡法律学会 (快乐第20周年纪念日!!) 和所有的值班人员。 ^-^

开放时间 :9:30上午 到 6:00 下午

星期一到星期五: 10:00上午, 12:00 pm, 2:00 pm, 4:00 pm


入场: 免费

Special Tour with wacky eastcoastlife
for 15 bloggers only!

Leave a comment if you want to go on a FUN tour of the old Supreme Court with me.
Tea - you all give me a treat ah!
I'll email you the details.

Full House!


  1. Hhahha...警察真的穿短裤 in the past wor!

  2. Is it a new place in S'pore? I haven't never heard of it before. Happy WW! :)

  3. you're doing a fine job of making it really interesting, ecl! i know some would think that that particular tour would be boring, but with you as our guide ... it's a fun tour! :D

  4. wow! amazing! it's great to know that the tourist guide inside the supreme court has the same name as mine.

    i would love to join you but sadly we are miles away! i could have been the first to said yes!

    i hope you'll win the singapore blog award! im voting you!

  5. YAY I'm finally here at ECL's blog, gimme some good clicks today he he he! :):):)

  6. that's interesting! wish to join the tour but ammmm so far away from singapore. hehehe

    Happy WW!

  7. never knew abt this place, and visiting prisons-ouch, kinda scary for me. I have too wild of imagination and I would imagine the worst when I see one!

  8. Thanks for this post. I must have been too caught up with work to realise that there's such an exhibition going on. Hmm....I wonder if I could comfortably take leave from work to join the guided tour on a weekday...

    I was prepared to give you a treat so as to join the wacky tour, but how did you get full house so fast?

  9. Wow, what a neat experience - it is great that you got to take advantage of a once in a lifetime thing - twice!!!

  10. I so desperately would like to be one of those 15 lucky bloggers ::sob:: but I am so far away ::more sobbing::

  11. tigerfish,
    Yes... the policemen really wore shorts in the past! Cute.

  12. ck-ii
    It's our old Supreme Court. It wasn't open to the public.

  13. maiylah,
    Most museum or guided tours are boring. Some people should try my tour guiding. :)

  14. the dong,
    Thanks for your vote!!

    You are called Docent!?

    I will gladly bring you around Singapore should you come to visit. :)

  15. mariuca,
    Thanks for your Magic Lamp! I'm having some great luck!

  16. sunshineforlife,
    awww... what a pity! This exhibition is a one-time event.

  17. Doreen,
    It's a temporary lock-up for prisoners during trials.

    Want to see the inside of a Sigapore prison? ;)

  18. farah deen,
    Nothing to be scared of... there isn't any prisoners at this place. It's an eye-opener.

  19. oceanskies,
    It's better to go on a weekday, less people in the tours. It's worth taking leave to check it out.

    You can give me a treat any time you're free.

    I have special booking for a private party. :) Sorry to close early.

  20. Well, I'm too far away to actually go on a tour with you, but I feel like I've had a virtual tour! :) Thanks!

    My WW post is up, too.

  21. toni,
    I might be taking advantage for another couple of times. :)

  22. mar!!
    Welcome back!
    *pat pat mar's shoulders*
    awww.... I would love to have you on my guided tour too!

  23. Wah.. Missed going with you lahh... I would love to experience this but alas not planning any trip down to SG soon...Sigh!!

  24. LadyJava,
    It's closed anyway.

    If you want to visit the exhibition, it will be here until 1st August 2008.

  25. Wa thanks for the info... seems like a really interesting place!!

    :) Done mine!

    Happy WW!


  26. sigh. I'm at work during those times. Haha.

  27. the bimbo,
    Yes, it is interesting. Go take a look.

    You're also on WW? Welcome.

  28. sho,
    Saturday slots also full, you miss a great tour. :(

  29. Are you going again? Hehehe....

  30. hehehe funny picture of that policeman.. hehehe

    I should contact you when I visit Singapore someday!

  31. As always your posts are informative and fun. Good shots too.

  32. A place rich in history, with docents dressed in period costume. Sounds like fun to me. Too bad Singapore is half a world away from me...

    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  33. yeah i guess, eye opener, it's like reminding- you do the crime, you pay the time right? :)

  34. trinity,
    The policeman is wearing a uniform that was worn in the past. Funny? I think it is appropriate for our hot weather in Singapore. :)

  35. According to this link, registration for ths guided tour is now closed.

    Looks like I won't get to visit the Old Supreme Court and the various facilities. Glad that you have shared about your visit here for me to savour.