Tuesday, July 08, 2008

eastcoastlife on trial, for shooting MP!? - WW

Photos taken in the old Supreme Court building are deleted because Singapore Land Authority has informed me that they are strictly for personal use only and not to be circulated in any form or for any commercial purposes.

eastcoastlife in the dock hearing her charges at the Supreme Court...

in the lock-up during recess.....

Hubby Christopher turned prosecution witness, flirting with the lawyer.

What awaits eastcoastlife at the end of this dark, gloomy corridor!?

.... to be continued


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  1. Prison got broadband now? Wow.... looks fun. Can I go too? :P

  2. Can't wait for the next episode. What is it going to be - death row?

  3. Hope the slammer will let you keep doing your posts, ECL! Will you look good in orange uniform?

  4. Huh? How did you get these photos? Hilarious!

  5. Hmmm...I am interested to find out how you got yourself there. Were the photos taken at the previous or the current Supreme Court?

  6. dk,
    Prison also got white horse mah. hahaha.... See, I have connections.

    Want to come and see me? This Saturday, will email you the details later.

  7. sailor,
    I don't know. Trial is still on-going.....

    Pray for me.

  8. Captain Picard,
    I need to have good behaviour so as to use the broadband, which is real hard for eastcoastlife, because I'm always shooting some one.

    I think I look fab in orange uniform. I'll try to take a photo in it and post. :)

  9. oceanskies,
    Read my post tomorrow. You can visit me .......

  10. leonard!!
    Women don't get caned!
    Capital punishment is to be hang by the neck until I'm dead. *trembles*

  11. My rainbow angel,
    Hope we can still go for the horniday... not wishing you to come visit me in Changi prison. sigh....

  12. LOL!!! u r full of surprises!!
    erm.. want fruit basket? lmao!

  13. misti,
    I want Hokkien prawn noodles and teh si. The food here suxs!!

  14. You can get free food in here if you have no $$$$....!

  15. sweet jasmine,
    Don't rub in it! The food is healthy and nutritious but I miss my local dishes!!

    I can get free food outside also leh.

  16. That's the quality of SG prison... *lol*

    Hurry with part 2!! :P

  17. napabaoniya,

    I want to try peep at the prison kitchen, actually cooks lah....hehe...
    hope don't get isolation cell when caught.

    kaypoh eastcoastlife on the move liao... shhh....

  18. Haha Great photos. I hope that it's only the exit that's at the end of the tunnel! Happy WW

  19. Wah.. shall we arrange for a Prison Break?? Wait I need to see if Michael Scoffied is available for this gruesome task!! lolzz!!!

  20. jams,
    I hope it's the exit too. I have yet to explore. :)

  21. ladyJava,
    Prison Break!! What a great idea! Wait... tonight I try to steal the fork and spoon. Wonder how long it takes to scrape and scoop a tunnel out of there?

    Hope the CCTV is not working and the toilet latch is sawn off! Imitating a Mas Selamat escape. shhhh.....

  22. lol ECL!! hehehe.. eh wait.. drop the sheets first b4 doing anything.. pretend to have fun with your cell mate..lolzz!!

  23. LadyJava,
    What sheets!? You think the prison got aircon also ah? lol

    Anybody want to wait for me with a car outside?

  24. Wah so clean la the lock-up. And then hubby outside flirting with lawyer outside he he!!

    I'll vote for ur blog after this sweetie, have a great day! :):):)

  25. mariuca,
    You expect the lock up to be dirty and smelly? This is Singapore! Punishment will be meted for not keeping the cell clean....

    You watch in the movies... like brush the cracks of tiles with a toothbrush! lol....

    This hubby of mine ah, must get a mountain of durian husks when I go out!! hng!

  26. I am wordless... LoL! great catch eastcoastlife.. Happy WW! mine's up too hope you can drop by....

  27. Great shots!!!! Perfect post for WW! Have a great day! Hope you'll visit WW entry too...

  28. I too hope you can have your computer in the slammer.

  29. LOL...Always like reading your captions! And congrats on the SG Best Bloggers! WOW lah, Mom and Son;) :)

  30. haha!!! wifi zone prison! i think i'd love to be there! ^_^

  31. What?! You seem pretty cheerful for someone going to prison. Can't wait to see where this is going.

  32. ECL! I think I think Joliet jail anytime lah like that esp if Michael is there...lolzz!!!

  33. Haha. Nice!!! I would want to visit it too.

    Anw, u never spam me la. Of cos not pissed with u lor!

  34. Nice pictures! I will send you a birthday cake :-)

    Here is my post for today. Another one coming tomorrow! :-)

  35. I should probably explain myself, the birthday cake is supposed to contain some tools for you to use to break out from prison, like in all those bad movies...

  36. Psst.. fast fast change lawyer lor. She so happy seeing you in the dock. :P

  37. I'll try and beam a pick on shovel into your cell.

    Good Wishes from the Captain.

  38. Hi ECL! just got back from vacation and look at this...prison!!!

  39. What??? Please explain...I dont get it. Happy WW anyway:)

  40. What on earth is this?

    You're be tried for ???

    Gosh! is this real or what?

    I'll buy you some Nasi Bungkus and visit you in that autere looking place. Just let me know when you're moving in there.

  41. sandy,
    No personal laptop allowed in prison. :(

  42. juliana,
    I'm being charged for 'shooting a Member of Parliament'. :)

  43. tigerfish,
    Take with a camera lah! You think hubby and I are acting in a movie?

  44. yen,
    Thanks for your congratulatory message!

    Yes, Mother and son are finalists!!

  45. ettey,
    You sure you want to come? Bring me food when you visit. :)

  46. chris,
    I look cheerful!? I'm supposed to look anxious and miserable. duh.

  47. LadyJava,
    I will jail many times too if Michael is here. haha....
    er... men and women prisoners are locked in separate cells. aiyah!

  48. the horny bitch,
    You should take a look. You have to create your own fun, the docents don't provide it. hahaha....

  49. gabriel,
    Woot! Thanks for your cake! But it was confiscated after the prison guards did a scan. sigh....

  50. etceteramommy,
    Yep... got the message. I should get a guy. hehehe....

  51. Capt Picard,
    Thanks! Can you beam me into your space ship? *hopeful*

  52. wind mill,
    Thanks for Nasi Bugkus! It would be a nice change from prison food. haha....

    It's just a lock up not the prison cell.

  53. Ha ha ha ... so funny. The toilet quite clean wor ... I always thought that prison toilets are very dirty.

  54. wilfrid,
    The toilet hasn't been used for a long time and cannot be used too. :)