Monday, July 28, 2008

Early Chinese settlers in Singapore.... starring eastcoastlife

Robust like bamboo, able to thrive in rich soil and stay alive in poor soil, the early Chinese immigrant had to bend and blend in to survive.

The beginning of a new life to uncertainties

Thousands of immigrants come to Singapore attracted by the economic activity and opportunities centred here. Many of the early migrants first set foot on the banks of Singapore River. Most of these people were Chinese, but there were also Indians and Malays.

The migrants and their descendants had to learn how to assimilate into their newly adopted land. They tried to preserve their identities while nurturing a relationship with the locals. Chinatown was largely occupied by Chinese.

At the Chinatown Heritage Centre, stories told are based on the real-life stories of former Chinatown residents.

cramped cubicle of a migrant

Life was much poorer and desperate. They lived in dark and cramped living quarters, which were usually overcrowded and disease-stricken. Loneliness and the hard life of the immigrants caused many of them to turn to opium smoking, prostitution, gambling and secret societies.

settings for a funeral

For some, they never get to see their homeland again. There were death houses, a place where the terminally ill and dying waited out their last days among coffins and offerings to the dead.

This coming 43rd National Day of Singapore, appreciate the spirit of adventure and enterprise of the early Chinese migrants who made countless sacrifices, seized opportunities amidst adversity, showed great fortitude and industry to make good in Singapore.

For my foreign friends, you can learn how one ethnic community can become so successful internationally.

The Chinatown Heritage Centre is a joint project between the Singapore Tourism Board and the National Heritage Board.

Special thanks to :

Chinatown Heritage Centre
48 Pagoda Street
Singapore 059207

Chinatown Heritage Centre Website:


  1. Life was tought then. People worked extremely hard only to survive. Now, life has been too good that people just waste their lives away for nothing. What a big contrast!

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  3. Doreen,
    In the past, people eat to live, now it's live to eat.

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    Nice post. It edifies Chinese descent generation on how they end up in certain region.

  5. ECL is that you in the last photo? I like it. The bamboo really characterizes chinese ppl isnt? They are all over the world and wherever they go, they survive!

  6. This is a very interesting and informative post.

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  9. our ancestors fought a lot for the country. this event will definitely make you remember of the things worth reminiscing.

    enjoy enjoy!

  10. That was an education. People who want to survive sure find a way!

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    This museum is not out of the place! It's in Chinatown.

    I wrote to NHB and it helped me to write to Mt Faber, the company which owns this museum, for permission to take photos.

    Photography not allowed in this museum. You need a special pass.

  21. the dong,
    Yes, many people including the government forget that these people and a few of my ancestors helped to build Singapore.

    It's sad that many of them, especially those were single, were not well taken care of when they were old and dying.

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    Tough times never last but tough people do! :)

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  24. the chinese are really known to be hardworking. My FIL is pure chinese and he did the same thing by migrating here in PI

  25. hipncoolmomma,
    I have many Filipino Chinese friends in Manila. It's not easy to find work in a strange country at first, but through hard work and some luck, they are doing well.

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