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Samsui women's reputation for resilience and hard work, embodies the spirit that has gone into the making of modern Singapore.

We came from a rural and extremely poor region to the west of Guangzhou, where three rivers, or 'three waters' (Samsui in Cantonese), flowed into one. A catastrophic flood in 1915 washed away many homes and livelihoods, making life more wretched.

I came in my teens. Most came alone. In the 1930s, after months at sea in grim and perilous conditions, when I stepped onto the Singapore pier, the road ahead seemed daunting indeed.

We worked hard to save money to support relatives whom we might never see again. Most Samsui women stayed single and lived very simply. Leading frugal lives, sharing accommodation and eating simple food. Determined to save every cent we could, we walked to or from work, gathered wood for cooking from around building sites and mended our clothes ourselves.

As we went to and from work on building sites in Singapore, people recognised us from our broad red hats and blue-black samfoo.

Samsui women worked very hard, we had to labour for around nine hours a day. Many couldn't read or write. We are used to others looking down on us....., because we carry mud.

(adapted from an article in The Straits Times)

My tribute to these sisters, many had a sad life. When they grew old, many were plagued by illnesses and died lonely.

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  4. Very touching... an informative post too. I am glad you highlighted them through this medium.

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  26. What a fascinating and eye opening post. One of the earlier Chinese women to settle in England was Song Ling Whang.

    At the beginning of the 20th century she made the long overland journey from China to Britain, on foot walking along the route of the trans-Siberian railway line.

    She and her companions performed acrobatics and made paper flowers to earn their way.

    She made the journey with bound feet.

  27. What a post! Captured very well. Thanks for the history lesson.

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    Wow! What an amazing woman! Walk to UK with bound feet!

    Ahhhh, women throughout all the ages are so resilient and determined....

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  42. Fascinating posts, this one and the last one. It's a part of history in a world I know nothing about, so it's very informative. Thank you for sharing this information and letting people know about an important part of your heritage. Keep them coming!:)

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  55. Thanks for this nice, informative post. I needed to know what you wrote as I was supposing everyone of those workers were Amah or ma jie.
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  57. I love this, I have seen Okinawa and Vietnam and I can see these folks in my memories, thanks for sharing.