Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sichuan Cool Noodles 四川 凉粉

Geylang in Singapore is becoming a mini China. Not only are there many Chinese nationalities living and working in this area, a great number of Chinese eateries are sprouting up. I'm delighted to discover some authentic Chinese dishes that I love when I was in China.

While bringing oceanskies on a walking tour of Geylang, we came across this Cool Noodle which is a popular dish in Sichuan but you can find it in every major city in China. It is one of my favourites and it's easy to make at home.

The original Sichuan Cool Noodles

Cool Noodles (S$3) I had in Geylang,Singapore

the ingredients for various types of northern- style Chinese noodles

This hawker from China sells a variety of northern-style Chinese noodles. Cool Noodles are eaten on hot months. It's similar to a salad, a mixture of savoury, sour and spicy tastes. It's not cold, but tastes better when chilled.

You can see the Chinese, either standing or stooping by the roadsides, slurping down the noodles on a hot Summer day.

adding seasonings to the cool noodles

Add chopped spring onions, minced garlic, soy sauce, salt, vinegar, chilli oil and sesame oil to the noodles, mix well.

The people of Sichuan love spicy food. They are famous for their Spicy Hot Pots which can numb your taste buds and make your lips swell like sausages!!


  1. Looks and sounds yummy !! :)


  2. these photos makes me hungry. i love spicy food. i need to eat something first. hahaha...

    keep blogging.

  3. that looks so yummyyyy! Happy WW! mine's up too hope you can drop by.

  4. looks veli ho chiak!! wa pun ai chiak!! hehe..

  5. I've had some Sichuan dishes, but not the cool noodles. The pictures make me hungry for it.

  6. now I am hungry....great catch for WW! Hope to see you at my cornertoo

  7. thanks for sharing this :) i'm a noodle head myself and this is the first time i've seen this kind of type :)

    can't wait to go back to sq ^_^

  8. Wow!! Looks really yummy.. craving... can you send me a bowl of those through email? :P

  9. Yeah! So other than the usual, tau-huay, beef guo-tiao and bak-kut-teh, I've got a new reason to head down to Geylang. *smile*

  10. Yummy! Happy WW and have a great rest of the week!

    My entry is here:


  11. Interesting.

    I do find some pretty authentic Chinese food in Geylang. However, the dishes are usually a bit too salty for my taste.

    Sichuan cool noodles eh? Perhaps I shall look it up the next time I visit ... Geylang.

  12. Eastcoastlife: Thank you for this post. It brings nice memories of our adventures at Geylang. :)

    Now I get to see the original version.

  13. I wonder if I will like this since in general I don't fancy cold food (salads aside). Took me a while to get use to Jap cold soba/

    I like those noodles mixed with 芝麻酱 and some chili condiments. There are those "translucent" noodles they have in Sichuna (I think?)

  14. Ugh.. I never like cold noodles :| Never plan to eat one either lol

    PS: Why don't you open anonymous comments as well ? I"m sure many more comments will come!

  15. Woah, that looks gr8 *yummo* Happy WW :)

  16. Now, i'm starving & making me search something to eat at 3am is not a good idea.
    You really make my stomach grawl. it how i love your photos.
    Happy WW.

  17. Hey ECL,
    When is the next walking tour? I wanna join next time ok? I wanna make the most of my stay in Singapore while I am here.

    Here's my WW - Paparazzi Experience

    By the way I will be on a blog leave See u when I get back.


  18. Liang-ban mee?

    Finally it's raining today!! :) Being so humid the past couple of days.

  19. YUMM!!! Now I am hungry again...

    Cool shots! Ours is up as well at burntofferings and more at bernies fotoblog.

    Have a great WW!!

  20. That looks yummy! I want to try it. Happy WW!

  21. It looks and sounds delicious!
    Happy ww :)
    Mine is posted here

  22. look tasty, i haven't try cool noodles before

  23. The cool noodles look really delicious. I must try this next time I go to Singapore.

  24. i will order without vinegar. can ka? sure can. kkkk. answer myself.

  25. I love chinese food! Not too spicy, though! Yummy!

  26. For my blogger friends, you can make this at home yourself, it's very easy.

    You can buy the noodles at a supermarket that sells Chinese condiments and dried goods. Follow the instructions on the packet. You can email me for the recipe for the sauce. :)

  27. My angel,
    I'll make this for you when I see you in Malaysia or Sydney. :)

  28. day-dreamer,
    Come to Singapore and I'll bring you for this dish. When I go to KL, I can make this for you. :)

  29. Hi the new mom on the blog,
    You're right. We have so many choices of cooked food these days... it's hard to make up our minds what to eat for each meal. :)

  30. LB, LB,
    Where art thou!?
    Still in the wilderness?

  31. Wilfrid,
    Food cooked by Chinese nationals tend to be salty. They are used to the heavy seasoning. I prefer my food less salty, spicy, sour, or sweet.

    There are many eateries serving food from different parts of China. Go find out. :)

  32. oceanskies,
    You are not particularly keen on food, there are in fact several unique eateries in Geylang that serve some special Chinese dishes. Perhaps we can try them another day....

  33. tigerfish,
    This dish tastes shiok on a hot day!

    Yes, there is a noodle dish that uses sesame paste and chilli for flavouring. I shall make one and post it.

  34. lyon,
    I love to try new food and stuff. When I'm overseas, I just like to follow the natives and taste what they eat. This dish is quite appetising.

    I'm not blogging just to get comments... I'm not opening to anonymous commentators for a good reason and only the police knows.

    Matured and well-discipled readers are welcomed to give their suggestions, opinions and views on my posts.

    I'll try my best to reciprocate by commenting on their posts too.

  35. pinay jade,
    I'll let you know when I organise a walking tour. Anyone interested can email me. :)

    I'm always proud to show off my country. :)

  36. napaboaniya,
    Something like liang-ban mian lah.

    Yes! Finally... Rain!!! But still so hot leh. :(

  37. Doreen,
    Next time when you're in Singapore, you have to stay a few more days so that I can bring you round for some great tasting food.

    er.... but be prepared to turn into a big, round, rough ball again lor. hehehe....

  38. mistipurple,
    Without the vinegar, not so nice leh. It's the vinegar that makes it tastes appetising.

  39. Thank you for being patient with me. Out of hope for better health, I have been trying to consciously go for vegetables and less meat in my diet. Anyway, sceneries marvel me more than food nowadays.

  40. Singapore really got fight with malaysia eh.. :)
    I'm really torn in between staying in malaysia longer or singapore.

  41. this looks so yummy! it's dinner time and how i wish i cooulkd have this now!

  42. oceanskies,
    Oh... you din mention that you are trying to cut down on meat. I can eat vegetarian food too.

    Shall we have a vegetarian meal next?

  43. mama bok,
    Why no fight?

    Alamak! People have this idea that Singapore is boring and there's no place to go.

    LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! Lots of undiscovered places!

  44. Hi pinoymom,
    It's very easy to prepare. Just like a salad. :)

  45. Looks appetizing. I'm sure I would love those noodles.

  46. Dear eastcoastlife, actually, I am not a vegetarian, I just consciously choose to eat more vegetables. ;)

    I'm good with a meal with you in the near future. Now, I just have to recover from a recent flu.

  47. ewwww ewww yuk disgusting ewww eww yuk slimy ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!