Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doctor in town, calories out! - WW

I waited for a long time for Dr Bernard to come to Singapore. Finally he arrived on Tuesday. Yeah!!!

And he gave me only one night of his time in Singapore. Booooo!

Not wanting to waste precious time, we brought him for dinner at our famous Kim's Hokkien Mee where we dug our fingers into the yummy seafood dishes.

After a short rest at my house, we brought him to Geylang, the red-light district for a walking tour. hehe..... The scantily clad girls scrambled to position themselves in a line and posed seductively whenever the men walked past. With me following behind, the guys could only wipe off the saliva at the corners of their mouths and walked on. heh heh heh.....*evil laughter*

The doctor was shown my favourite Duck Shop in Geylang. hehe.... And for supper, instead of 'calling for chicken' (叫鸡), we had Taiwanese snacks. Duh!

Breakfast the next morning. First stop was at local coffee shop, Chin Mei Chin for hot tea and coffee..... and its yummy toasted Kaya (egg and coconut jam) Buns and Custard Puffs.

Next, Laksa (a type of spicy noodles cooked in coconut milk) and Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) at the famous die-die-must-try Katong Laksa. You can see a wall decorated with framed photos of the owner with celebrities or VVIPs.

And finally.... Beach Road Prawn Noodles and a plate of assorted 5-spice snacks!

The doctor is not staying with us on his second night, giving an excuse that he would be staying out late. hmm.... Well, I must not be too nosey... after all he's still single and available. hehe....


  1. a night out with ecl..i am so jeles of our good doctor :(

  2. you make an excellent host, and haha you make the good doctor sound naughty.

  3. I'm sure those girls are swooning right now with that kind of looks.

  4. You make me feel like going to visit you leh! LOL~

  5. bengbeng,
    When you coming to Singapore? No need to jeles over Dr Bernard, I can also treat you to Geylang chicken. muahahahaha…..

    You long life ah! Dr and I talked about you (behind your back) this morning only!

  6. mistipurple,
    Alamak! I made him sound naughty meh? I wanted to make myself look naughty wor. wahahahaha.....

    Dr Bernard is a very good doctor. Want some honey? I can arrange. :)

  7. HAAAHHA just read your comment on my blog!!!! *holds up papayas* :P

  8. cheerio,

    Any ladies interested to meet him, please email me. hehe....

  9. posted same time pulak.
    i got to wait long long line lah. ;P

  10. bernard bad..he purposely no ask me along ;) he wants u n yr food all to himself hhahahahahahahah

  11. mistipurple,
    Wah! You lari here so fast ah. OK. First priority.

    You know me well ah. I'm already tying the papayas by the tips to my neck.... trying to prop them up. :D

  12. bengbeng,
    He didn't come to see me lah, it's only that I ordered him to report to me when in Singapore, then he come. Must respect ECL mah .... I no face leh.

    He got hot date. Not convenient to ask you along lah.

    Alamak! Now, we talking behind his back. kakaka.....

  13. Go out for dinner. Be back soon. :)

    Don't talk behind my back or else I'll choked on my food. hehehe....

  14. One thing's for certain, he didn't leave hungry!

    Have a terrific Wednesday!

    Check out my entry if you get a chance at Just Some Thoughts

  15. Wuah ECL,
    so much food ah? Scary leh. Hahaha! :P

  16. Dr Bernard wears a hearty smile on his face on every photo that is shown here. That goes to show that you have been a wonderful host. :)

    I suppose he needed some privacy when he could only spend one night with your family.

    Hope your late dinner was good?

  17. Sounds like great fun. I'm doing WW at my new wordless site Carver Cards

  18. Looks like the Dr. had a great time! Nice pics :)

  19. Sounds like an interesting walking tour and visit. Sounds like you had fun!

    My WW post is up here:

  20. Hey, how come you always bring people to Geylang. Forget about meeting you at Katong next time. Let's head to Geylang.

    Looking at all the picture of good food, I darn hungry now lah ... your fault!

    Ha ha ha.

    PS. No food at home. Boo!

  21. bernard look so happies... u fed him well, heh heh!

    *waits for him to cum KayElle..*

  22. Hahaha, yes, you made the good Doctor sound very hamsup, which I am sure he's not!! LOL!!! But at least, there was no wheelchair this time around, eh? Easier to get around, although it would have been fun to be pushed around in Geyland..

  23. Oh...yummy....!

    Great photos - I enjoyed them over here on this side of the world!

  24. I jealous ..!!! I wanna come home..!! soon eh. :)

  25. Wah! ECL, you're super fast la. I'm commenting from my phone! You're making ppl drool la....

    The food was really good. Regretting that i didn't have time to try more :-P. I'll be back for another installment! With reinforcements perhaps, eh :-).

    Make sure you come for eat-all-you-can durian in Penang in July. Thanks, Chris and ECL!

  26. ECL seems to have a mission:
    To add a few inches to Bernard's ... waist line, LOL

  27. Yenjai, now trying to walk off a few inches LOL.

  28. marsha,
    haha... Dr Bernard was indeed well-fed and before we could slaughter him, he left. :)

  29. Kok,
    When are you coming to Singapore? There will be ECL and Chris2. hehehe....

  30. oceanskies,
    Dr Bernard had no choice but to eat all the food that we ordered. :)

    Well... he enjoyed eating them, all of them were new to him.... and they are the yummy food of the East!

  31. Wilfrid,
    Geylang is a must visit place for most guys. Sometimes my guests request after reading about it somewhere or from my blog.

    Geylang is an interesting place. It has lots of great food. These few years, due to the influx of illegal foreign prostitutes and pimps, the place has become a place where hookers, gamblers, loansharks, gangsters gather. It will become unmanageable.

    Why should I avoid it? It's my country and I have more right to walk on it than those illegal migrants. I pity the residents of Geylang.

  32. My angel,
    wei.... you are not waiting for me to go Kayelle meh.


  33. LB,
    Ooops... I did make the good Dr look hamsup. hehe.... and which normal man isn't!?

    No more wheelchair and that's the great difference! I do more damage... hahaha....

    Coming soon? I'm waiting... counting the days...

  34. Hi colleen,
    Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  35. mama bok,
    Come home! Come home! My neck is longer than a giraffe's waiting for you. hehe....

  36. Bernard,
    Wah! Can't wait to read my post too. hehe...

    Glad you had a good time.... eating. I hope we can organise a Pig-out! in Singapore where foreign bloggers can taste the yummy food of Singapore all at one time! :)

    I'm going to Penang... again! All Penang bloggers beware! hahaha.....

  37. yenjai!
    Happy Birthday!!

    oi... Bernard added a few inches to his waist... me too leh.

    If you come to Singapore, I'll also feed you well. hehe....

  38. You like to bring pple to Geylang hor???!?!? ;)

    I thought you said Beach Rd Prawn Mee, the service sucks?
    But we tend to visit the stall if we are back in Singapore :O

  39. I agree with the others, you're a wonderful host. I'm sure your friend appreciated the warm welcome and wonderful company.

  40. That all looks so tasty. You know how to entertain!

  41. ECL the best host of Singapore's Bloggersphere!

    Eh, you qualify as Singapore Tour Guide liow :P

  42. come i feel even more jeles now after reading all the coments? hahahahahha

  43. tigerfish,
    The people request for it mah! And I think it is a great place to do some sightseeing.

    Lively, vibrant, fun, colourful, naughty...... hehe.....

    Yummy food!

  44. rachel,
    awww.... thanks.

    I love my country and try my best to give my foreign friends a great time when they are here. :D

  45. jams,
    So.... would you look me up when you come to Singapore? :)

  46. napaboaniya,
    aiyooooh... you put tall hat on my head leh.

    Please try harder to look for more fun places to blog. :)

  47. bengbeng,
    oh, is it? hehehe....

    So when I go over to Kuching, you also must be very good host ah. hehehe.....

    scared anot?

  48. Back to work today :-).

    Forgot to add that now i know the history of the best eateries in Katong and Geylang liao! :-).

  49. Have a good trip to Penang, and check out how its laksa differs from the ones at Katong Laksa. :)

    Keep safe and walk safe please.

  50. Shall the rest of us take a rain check?