Sunday, March 30, 2008

Historical European Swordmanship - WS #17

Look who I found in Singapore! Not Cosplay!

PHEMAS members in their Historical Kit

I was so sexcited excited when I was shown a photo of the men in Medieval gear. I attended the Martial Arts Day at a club just to see the guys from Pan-Historical European Martial Arts Society (PHEMAS Singapore) in action! This group of dedicated exponents are learning the Late Medieval Longsword techniques of Fiore di Liberi.

member practising in their standard kits with wasters

For a Beginner, he needs to get thin soled shoes, black pants, white T-shirts and 1600N Fencing Masks. He will be required to purchase a wooden waster first due its reduced cost and speed of delivery. He can use the basic Mk1 wooden stick until his waster arrives. A Longsword is required for training in Fiore at PHEMAS.

learn how to handle swords

When Christopher handed me his steel sword, it was so heavy! I doubt I could keep swinging it for 5 minutes. I would probably be stabbed to death before I could utter 'Oh my Gosh!'
You need lots of practice!

This art of swordsmanship was only taught to Noblemen in the past.

Christopher Blakey (center), President of PHEMAS and some of its members

Historical Kit is the gear that a Medieval knight or man-at-arms would have worn into combat.

Swordsmanship is a strong and extremely practical martial art. Members of PHEMAS learn as the historical masters taught, both for it's self defence value and it's value for its mental and physical discipline.

Wednesdays (7pm to 9pm)

Time : 5pm - 7pm (Advanced)
7pm - 9pm (Basic)
Fees : S$80 monthly
Venue : Eurasian Community House
139 Ceylon Rd, Joo Chiat


  1. Waaa, so star wars! I loved wooden swords once.. Now I know they were called wasters.

  2. I like the swords. How nice to have a collection at home with display. But a very expensive collectible to have ;( Jaymes joining? Den he can protect you :P

  3. Apa maciam kind of sports pun ada di Singapore hor.

    Over here, it is fencing but I don't know if they have such a sports as Swordmanship.

  4. That's interesting! I was LMAO in that first sentence and the cross word! Great humor,ECL! LOL

  5. my son said ninjitsu after seeing the photos ;) happy ws!

  6. Have seen a sword up close and personal. And it is really heavy.

  7. I already saw a sword play of sorts. Pretty impressive.

    My WS entry is up now. Hope you can visit.

  8. My son is a fan of martial arts. He did Judo and now he does something else but (shame on me) I forgot the name, lol ! Can you tell me who does Sunday Snapshot ? I would like to join.

  9. *waits patiently for my hero to fall on my knees...* ehehhehe...

  10. Lovely swords!! interesting costumes! hahaha... you will join them?! Take a picture with that costume?

  11. napaboaniya,
    I love swords too! I wanted to buy one but my Fengshui Master advised me against having it in my house. :(

    Jaymes is into Ninjado...

  12. Judy,
    Yes, surprising hor! I'm trying to dig out more sports, hobbies, men and events. er.... ignore the men. hahaha......

  13. yen,
    You don't have that word in mind when you see the photo? hehe....

  14. My angel,
    What wait!? Take action lah!
    *throws angel a hero.... Batman*

  15. trinity,
    I stopped by their class just now. Wah! Tough leh! Old woman cannot do such strenous exercise.

    Cosplay is fine with me. haha....

  16. Ha ha! I love how you slashed that word. :) Cool Medieval costumes. Looks like they are ready to slay any dragon that comes their way to save the princess. Great shots.

    Thank you very much for the sweet birthday greetings.

  17. Hey! How about women in Medieval gear?! I want to see a Keira Knightley lookalike in that sexy leather outfit (in King Arthur movie). With bow and arrows. Now, that is much much hotter!

    PS. You are so resourceful! Thumbs up!

  18. wow! cool shots, mine's up too hope you can drop by.

  19. Interesting post and photographs. I took fencing as a younger person in school but we used very light weight swords nothing like those. I bet it's great fun to watch them.

  20. What a lovely post and great documented with lovely photos!

    As a Norwegian Viking, I felt almost like home you know - you should come and visit to get the right thing :lol:

    Wishing you a great week ahead :-)

  21. A great time-travelling event! Thanks for sharing.

  22. ECL I bet you would be good at throwing daggers !!

  23. That is really cool! I love to see them too or something like it.

    Mine is here

  24. Cool...

    i wish i was there to see all those cool things...

    It makes me feel like i'm in a Kingdom with many knights...

    anyways... i saw your page on Project Ex-links... i am a new blogger...

    Hope you can visit my page sometime...


  25. Cool!!!just seems like go back to ancient world!!!!!=)

  26. your posts are always interesting.. wish i've known your blog when we're still in sg. it would be nice to visit those places!

  27. I know what you mean.."Sa Sang Li" will be strong in the house or something right?
    Which is one reason apart from they been expensive, I refrain from buying also.

    Tell you a joke. Once while waiting for the lift. A neighbor in Ninjado suit PLUS mask greet me when the lift doors open. Alamak! I scream until I think the poor guy got frightened like hell!!

  28. Wow, it's like back to the acient times. Where are the four musketeers? Hehehe

  29. Hi,

    I think you're the guest that turned up last night. Thanks for the glowing reviews. Hope we didn't disappoint.

  30. This is something new to me. It reminds me somehow of the knights from the time of the legendary King Arthur.

  31. If you think, this is surreal. You have seen nothing yet Those brotherhood boys who are currently squatting in the Singapore Daily and bfr that the Intelligent Singaporean. huh know who I am talking abt. Regularly meet up for their regular Kendo training and they all dress up in period armor and I have even seen them spar with light sabres. I kid you not!

    See it!