Monday, March 31, 2008

Martial Arts Day '08 - WW

SAFRA Tampines held a Martial Arts Day '08 at its premises. I arrived after lunch and missed the Longsword demonstration by PHEMAS. What a bummer. I went specially for that. A boxing match was on so I sat down to watch.

a boxing match

I hate wrestling and boxing matches, they are such violent sports..... and it's so ironic that my Dad and father-in-law love watching these sports. I have to shut myself in my bedroom whenever the guys watch such matches at home.

I'm sporting when it comes to having fun but I hate sports. I don't enjoy watching matches or playing any ball except...... nvm. hahaha......

Watching a boxing or Muay Thai match live is so different. The spectators around me were screaming at the competitors to 'go for the blood'. I found myself drawn into it..... I too was shouting in the end! *gasp*

Muay Thai (Thai boxing)

I will never allow my son to take up boxing or Muay Thai. Whenever I see a fighter bleeding from the punches, I feel his pain too. Ouch! Jaymes is learning Ninjado, it's more for self-defence...... I don't think it's useful in a fight. :P


Learn self-defence when attacked, can you imagine girls doing this?

There will be lots of hair pulling and tearing of clothes. Guys would love to be spectators of girly fights...... hehehe.......


  1. Hi, I'm from PHEMAS. I'm sorry you missed our performance. Perhaps you would like to head down to our salle and have a swing of your own? We would be more than glad to welcome your company at the lessons. There's nothing like the feeling of a real sword in your very own hands.

  2. I don't love boxing but I like it, it's a man thing. And we have the first Asian professional boxer who is world champion in 3 weight division. He beat the best of the boxers in the west, his name is Manny Pacquiao, a South East Asia, also a Filipino.

  3. Maybe it will be helpful to learn some self-defence. ;)

    Hope you will get a chance to have a real sword in your hand one day.

  4. anon fm PHEMAS,
    I went to your Sunday class training that very night! At the invitation of Christopher Blakey. It was fun. Will publish that next week. :)

  5. sonnie,
    Yes... I have heard of Manny Pacquiao from my Filipino friends.... They adore him!

  6. oceanskies,
    It is helpful to learn self-defence. Good exercise too.

    I'm fascinated with swords and am contemplating buying one. I had actually went to shop for a sword after watching the movie Kill Bill. hehehe....

    I didn't buy one because my Fengshui Master forbid it. :((

    My hubby is so happy! *Lucky!*

  7. Oh mine, I don't think I have the stomach to see people punching each other till blood comes out. Set asides the possibility of broken bones!


  8. wilfrid,
    My thought was exactly yours! But when the fighting gets intense and the spectators around you were shouting and screaming, you involuntarily get sucked into it.

    At first when I saw blood, I was shocked... then as I watched... I wanted to see more blood. And I started yelling with the rest...

    tsk tsk tsk... the animal in me reared its ugly head!

  9. Oh mine ... never know that you are so ... animalistic!

    Ha ha ha ...

    I read somewhere that more female viewers love those America Wrestling shows than the guys.

    Tsk tsk tsk.

  10. I think I also like that sexceptinal 'game' that u ahem... kakakka...

    Catfights.. haha, will always remind me of the time in primary schools when I witnessed 2 of my lady teachers fight fight... fight until throw heels... haha... tsk tsk!!

  11. The only kind of Boxing I enjoy watching are the Rocky movies boxing stories.. Not just the match, although in movies, there can be so OTT drama in them too. In real life boxing matches, I just wait for the girl in skimpy bits to parade around with a number. Best part of the match..

  12. Not this is cool. Seeing the talent these people have is inspiring.

  13. I am the same way. I don't like boxing or any sports except swimming or something like that. I like it where no one gets hurt!

    I have something for you at my site.

    Love and Blessings,

  14. It depends on the mindset of the one who learns martial arts. Some people use martial arts to fight others and commit crime. Some others learn martial arts just for self defense and health purpose.

  15. I hate boxing and wrestling too, and any violent sports. I still can't understand why is it so fun hitting each other like that, and they call it a sport? It is basically a legal fight.

  16. i like watching boxing, too :-) but when somebody gets hurt, i stop watching =)

  17. I don't like wrestling, boxing, kinda stuff as well. Too "violent" for me and I think it's sadist sport to see one being punched, bleed, and see pple cheering! (talking abt WWF!)....

  18. I'll bet it's easy to get drawn into--I would be screaming also!

  19. The closest I ever got to Muay Thai was when I did Body Combat in the gym. Very hard work.
    Okay, maybe the next closest was watching Contender Asia.

  20. seldom watch boxing, had not been watching WWE for a long time...

    watching it LIVE without the commentary can be boring..haha

  21. I'll take a pass on punches thrown on faces till it bleeds. I better stick to my F1 for my excitement needs :P

  22. That's why I love soccer most;) Nice one!

  23. Yeah! you're right "It is helpful to learn self defense strikes"... Hope you'll visit mine too...

  24. never a fan of boxing or wrestling. i think wrestling is pretty stupid lor. so fake.

  25. Hey, maybe your next blog post could be on Feng Shui. Demystify Feng Shui?

  26. Boxing has become a well loved sport here because of Manny Pacquiao.

    I'm not really a big fan of full contact sports such as wrestling and boxing.

    I think it's good to go through some self defense classes.

  27. I'm glad you liked our class. Chris is our President and one of the 2 lead instructors.

    If you like swords, why should the words of a mystic hold you back from getting one? If you base your life on supersition and fortune telling, you would be living according to what the feng shui master says, and not how YOU would like to live it.

    Then again, to each his/her own. I may have spoken out of place, concerning your beliefs, especially since we hardly know each other.

    Well, on a more, ah, superstitious note, a true sword is believed to have a "presense" of its own, and wards off spirits, since it is said the power of cold steel harms such beings. That explains why bullets don't harm the undead, because they are "hot steel" fired with gunpowder. What's not to like about swords that ward off evil spirits, eh? It's like insurance. You can even get the blade blessed.

    Afterall, when the zombies come, just remember --- swords don't run out of ammo :D